Deciding on a clock for your kitchen

Written by Joey Lewitin

When deciding on a clock for your kitchen, it is important to understandrepparttar conditions and requirements that this piece should fulfill. The kitchen is, in essence, a utilitarian room. It is designed to be an area which makesrepparttar 135650 work ofrepparttar 135651 cook easier and more effective. Howeverrepparttar 135652 kitchen also serves a dual purpose, as a center of social interactions between different groups. Many people are drawn torepparttar 135653 warmth, good smells, and tasty treats ofrepparttar 135654 kitchen, making it a natural setting for gathering together. It is these two purposes that you have to consider when deciding onrepparttar 135655 appropriate wall clock to use in this setting. UTILITARIAN CONSIDERATIONS Counter space is important in a kitchen. It isrepparttar 135656 place where chopping, stirring, and setting out your ingredients occurs. As such you don’t have room for desk or floor clocks inrepparttar 135657 kitchen, and you may want to decide early on to go with a wall clock asrepparttar 135658 piece you use forrepparttar 135659 rooms design. Designing cuisine is an art that utilizesrepparttar 135660 fourth dimension of time. If you do not pay attention to when things occur; how long to cook an item, when to add a special ingredient; you will find it basically impossible to produce quality dishes. While most ovens have timers, a wall clock with an additional alarm would allow you to time two different things at once. You can setrepparttar 135661 wall clock to go off whenrepparttar 135662 soup onrepparttar 135663 burner is ready, and leaverepparttar 135664 oven timer to determine whenrepparttar 135665 roasting chicken is ready. Atrepparttar 135666 very least you will want a seconds hand on this clock. Occasionally you have to do preparations that require small amounts of time, such as when boiling an egg. For occasions such as this,repparttar 135667 convenience of a seconds hand readily available onrepparttar 135668 wall will be a welcome perk in your kitchen. DECORATIVE CONSIDERATIONS The wall clock you choose should fit seamlessly intorepparttar 135669 design and color scheme that already exists in your kitchen. Work withrepparttar 135670 structures that are permanent torepparttar 135671 room, allowingrepparttar 135672 clock to act more like an accent to these designs rather then as a center piece. The colors of a Kitchens décor are determined by several factors. Due torepparttar 135673 function ofrepparttar 135674 kitchen,repparttar 135675 internal structures, such a counters, walls, and floors, will probably rely heavily on stone, wood, or ceramic, as these materials are resistant to stains and are highly durable. Large equipment such as ovens, sinks, and microwaves are generally made from metal, but can be painted almost any color.

6 Steps to Prevent Mould in Your Bathroom

Written by Mark Davies

Despite regular cleaning mould can always occur in areas of high humidity aroundrepparttar home. Baths and showers create warm, moist air that condenses on cold surfaces providingrepparttar 135600 ideal breeding ground forrepparttar 135601 fungi that produce mould spores.

The following steps will help prevent mould from taking root in your bathroom.

1. Extract Moist Air

Openingrepparttar 135602 bathroom window is not an efficient way of getting rid of condensation, as it can simply blowrepparttar 135603 moist bathroom air intorepparttar 135604 rest ofrepparttar 135605 house. Mould will not grow on a dry surface so ensure you have an extractor fan fitted in your bathroom that will expelrepparttar 135606 moist air outside.

2. Rent a Dehumidifier

The majority of mould problems are caused by condensation, and most condensation is caused by poor ventilation. A dehumidifier will condense moisture out ofrepparttar 135607 air in your home and store it as water in a reservoir, which must be emptied regularly. Renting a dehumidifier for a few weeks from a local tool hire company will soon establish whether you have a condensation problem or not.

3. Remove Carpets

Stepping onto carpet when getting out ofrepparttar 135608 bath or shower can lead to it getting wet, which will keeprepparttar 135609 humidity level high inrepparttar 135610 bathroom. Look into alternative bathroom floor coverings that do not absorb water.

4. Remove Pot Plants

Pot plants need to be watered regularly, keepingrepparttar 135611 soil moist. This is an ideal breeding ground for mould producing fungi so keep them out ofrepparttar 135612 bathroom.

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