Written by Dr. Randy Wysong

All of nature has rules. Although unwritten and unspoken, in a primitive and savage way, right and wrong still exist there. The alpha wolf decides what is right inrepparttar pack because it possessesrepparttar 149324 physical power to exert its will. A tree may dictate what is right by exuding toxic chemicals intorepparttar 149325 soil out to its root perimeter in order to extinguish competing plants. A lion takes prey from a hyena and a hyena takes it from a leopard because that isrepparttar 149326 order of things and thereforerepparttar 149327 right thing. Instinct and physical attributes decree this form of morality in nature.

If we were just such creatures, a similar order would berepparttar 149328 only rule over us. But we aspire to an orderly society and a higher ethic. Society,repparttar 149329 in-your-face conglomeration of masses of people possessing tools and weapons that can inflict damage far beyond that of mere fang and claw, requires different sorts of rules and more of them. Without them we would regress torepparttar 149330 might-makes-right order of nature. A brutal anarchy where weapons and muscle are “right” is not a pleasant prospect.

It is a necessary function of government to set rules inrepparttar 149331 somewhat abstract arena of decency. Because it is hard to identify actual damage caused by such things as vulgarity, lewdness, debauchery, indiscretion, nakedness, sex and language, debate will always rage over what is or is not decent. Those fearingrepparttar 149332 decay of society will hold to more strict standards while others want to push for more and more freedom.

It seems to me thatrepparttar 149333 development of decency standards helped humans rise up out of a world where only instinct ruled. But it is supposedly progressive and intellectual today to negotiate away any restrictions. But tampering withrepparttar 149334 very fabric that holds civilized society together is quiterepparttar 149335 opposite. It is both retrogressive and unintelligent. The libertine erosion of rules may seem to be more understanding, compassionate, intelligent, open and accepting on its face, but it unlocksrepparttar 149336 gates to chaos and degradation. This is what I fear today with regard to standards of decency, particularly inrepparttar 149337 media. The more that standards drop and rules are softened,repparttar 149338 uneasier I become because I sense where this could ultimately take us.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m no prude. Terrible things emerge from my lips at times without my mind even engaging. I can’t help but laugh at some off-color jokes. But there are lines we all sense that should not be erased. These lines may in fact createrepparttar 149339 emotional release from swearing andrepparttar 149340 humor of a dirty joke. So standards of decency may even psychologically benefit us by giving us forbidden zones for these brief forays of release. (Seems like rather twisted logic to explain why swearing and dirty jokes work, but what other explanation do you have?)

When I was young, Elvis’ gyrating hips drove religious leaders and many parents crazy. It wasrepparttar 149341 end of decency. Sodom and Gomorrah had returned. I scoffed. The old fogies just didn’t get it. In my opinion, rock-n-roll was way too cool and certainly no more than innocent fun. I saw no danger because I had not lived enough life nor gained sufficient knowledge to understand that civilization survives only because of standards and order. Society was sensing that threat and that is why they reacted to rock-n-roll as they did.

Maybe that’srepparttar 149342 way kids seerepparttar 149343 filthy language in rap, hip-hop, and sexually explicit entertainment today. So I am trying hard to seerepparttar 149344 parallel and make every effort to be tolerant, not wanting to be likerepparttar 149345 adult mossbacks of my youth. But everything is a matter of degree. When is “with-it” too far? Or is there no limit? Shouldrepparttar 149346 entertainment industry keep pushingrepparttar 149347 envelope until pornography is rated G andrepparttar 149348 evening news gives an update from live video cams mounted in toilet bowls and underrepparttar 149349 covers ofrepparttar 149350 latest hot group of S&Mers, transvestites, man-boy couples, necrophiliacs, homosexuals and straight-sexers?

When that becomes boring, do we go to live videos of rape, murder and torture? There are currently movies of this sort and they are justified as “artful free expression.” Really. Is watching murder and torture what we should be doing with our minds and leisure? Is that valuable in any conceivable way? Might it not be numbing and create insensitivity, particularly in our impressionable children? Since children know that adults – moms and dads – create such entertainment, might they not feel flagitious behavior is validated?

Should we bring backrepparttar 149351 Roman Coliseum to get some extra flavor of real, live performance? If we can affordrepparttar 149352 special front row seats, we could even enjoyrepparttar 149353 thrill of hearing bones break, get sprayed with some real blood or have a lopped-off appendage land in our lap as a souvenir. The Romans worked hard to prevent boredom amongrepparttar 149354 people. For approximately 400 years,repparttar 149355 cruelty and gore inrepparttar 149356 arena for man and beast continued, taking on every imaginable grotesque creative form in order to maintainrepparttar 149357 interest ofrepparttar 149358 audience. Shall we go that route again?

Are You Fit To Love?

Written by Allie Ochs

isrepparttar most important question you’ll ever ask yourself. Let’s face it, our relationships are extremely important. Yet, often they arerepparttar 149204 cause of pain and struggle. Single or not, societal standards convince us that we can have it all. Much ofrepparttar 149205 available relationship advice compels us to go after everything we want. Sadly, for many it is not working. Climbing divorce rates and more singles seeking love are proof that our attitudes are counterproductive.

Our expectations have become highly unrealistic. Rarely do we look inrepparttar 149206 mirror and ask: Am I fit to love? Today's relationships are failing because of deterioration of character. It is time we made a point of building long-term relationship success based onrepparttar 149207 strength of our characters, instead of clever-minded relationship strategies.

Great relationships require great characters. We simply must become better people for each other. Becoming fit to love is a powerful wake-up call forrepparttar 149208 brave. It will dramatically improve our relationships or our chances of finding love.

The happiest people are those in exceptional relationships. They are heavily invested in their most valuable asset: their relationship and have an abundance of life’s most precious commodity: love. They all have one thing in common: they are fit to love. Atrepparttar 149209 heart of all exceptional relationships are three universal principles: mutual respect, moral responsibility and authenticity and here is what it means:

Mutual Respect: Your partner is just as important as you.

Our partner’s dreams and hopes are as important as our own. This principle requires us to think of our partner as our equal. Given that our generation has made history as ambassadors of our “me first” society, we are more concerned with getting what we want.

For Bill, everything revolves around golfing. He spends every weekend atrepparttar 149210 golf course while his wife, Jane, looks after their two small children. Extra money from their already tight budget is spent on Bill’s hobby. Stuck at home with toddlers, Jane has little freedom to do or buy anything special. Despite Jane’s complaints Bill seems completely aloof torepparttar 149211 fact that he is disrespectful.

Relationship conflicts arise because of different perspectives. Lovers argue over who is right, instead solvingrepparttar 149212 issue in their mutual best interest. The struggle over unresolved issues leads to resentment even when there is love. Love and respect take a backseat andrepparttar 149213 relationship deteriorates. This dangerous game isrepparttar 149214 reason why many relationships fail, when they shouldn’t. Instead of trying to change each other or putting our needs first, we must realize that our partner is just as important. In grabbing hold of our partner’s beliefs we show that we respect our partner. If conflict arises and we cannot agree, we should simply agree to disagree and continue to talk with respect. Without mutual respect, it is impossible to create loving relationships.

Moral Responsibility: You are always morally responsible to those with whom you have relationships.

We live in a society that elevates self-fulfillment above anything else. We seek self-fulfillment at any cost, even atrepparttar 149215 cost of others. Regardless of how often we have heard that we are not responsible for our partner’s happiness, we are still responsible for his or her well-being. Love is a moral responsibility to another person. We blame our partners if things do not work out without looking inrepparttar 149216 mirror to see our own flaws. Yet, everything we think, say or do affects those we love.

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