Debunking the myth that search engines bring in the most traffic.

Written by Ken Paul

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Debunkingrepparttar 117309 myth that search engines bring inrepparttar 117310 most traffic. Here arerepparttar 117311 real techniques that generaterepparttar 117312 most traffic.

Five (5) Things You Can Do to Increase Your Repeat Traffic Today:

Where do you think most webmasters get their traffic from? Search engines? No. Free For All Links Pages? No. Classified Ads? Not even close. Fact is, most webmasters get their traffic from bookmarks and -- as See You Again Shortcut™ quickly proliferates to thousands of web sites -- desktop shortcuts. In other words, repeat visitors.

Bookmarks and desktop shortcuts are #1 by a long shot. So, you ask, how do I get people to add my site to their favorites and desktop? Below are some tips for attracting repeat customers to your site.

# 1. Have good content on your site.

People are more likely to bookmark or shortcut your site if it contains good quality content that’s of use to them. Think about it. Would you visit a site that was just a bunch of banners more than once?

# 2. Update often.

Your site should be updated on a regular basis such as daily or weekly. Visitors will check back often for new content on your site. If there is no new content from when they visited two months ago, they may click away, never to return.

# 3. Put reminders on your site to add your site torepparttar 117313 desktop.

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