Debunking the Cradle of Civilization Myth

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

ABRAHAM: - The Biblical character Abraham is of primary importance in a complex of religions lead byrepparttar Judaeo/Christian/Islamic labels. He has been attributed with great wisdom and yet he behaved in atrocious ways. It is likely that there was more than one Abraham who made up this truly awesome fable. Abraham Eleazor may have had great wisdom and some of his feats may have been incorporated intorepparttar 127592 persona or image of Abrahamrepparttar 127593 Patriarch of a large family of Ur/Chaldean people who moved and later conquered other territories due (in part) torepparttar 127594 baby-factory or harems he initiated.

There was a time when many Europeans took it as fact that humanity had almost no real ability or value beforerepparttar 127595 Sumerian culture and these patristic animals became ascendant. The truth is clear now, yet most people cling torepparttar 127596 old paradigm in one of its regenerations. The cave man ideology was founded on improper reassembling of bones that archaeologists found inrepparttar 127597 Neanderthal Valley. Alley Oop and allrepparttar 127598 images of these cavemen beating women with clubs was really a projection ofrepparttar 127599 kind of unsoulful and disgusting behavior Abraham and his progeny have foisted upon society-at-large for about 5,000 years of what James Joyce properly calls a 'nightmare'.

Moon Gazing - Is It Right For You?

Written by Gary Nugent

Like a lot of kids, my folks gave me a 60mm telescope for Christmas one year. The scope was a typical department-store brand - not very good - but to a 12-year old kid it opened uprepparttar universe.

Through it I got to seerepparttar 127591 moons of Jupiter,repparttar 127592 phases of Venus andrepparttar 127593 rings of Saturn. But above all these eye-openers, there wasrepparttar 127594 moon. There inrepparttar 127595 eyepiece stood craggy mountains - spires casting long shadows across crater lowlands, dark maria and (painfully) bright highlands, a surface pockmarked with craters of all sizes, some with bright ejecta rays and some funny squiggle type features. I soon learned thatrepparttar 127596 greatest amount of detail was seen alongrepparttar 127597 terminator, that line splitting light from dark, where shadows played across features showing them in stark contrast. And to cap it all, each night different features could be seen in detail.

They say that as you get older, your memory plays tricks on you - you remember good things more thanrepparttar 127598 bad. I remember lots of clear, frosty winter nights when I could point my 'scope atrepparttar 127599 moon and scan its disk for some feature I had not seen in relief before. These days,repparttar 127600 skies seem to be cloudy much more frequently andrepparttar 127601 frosty winter nights are few and far between. I guess that's global warming for you!

Time moved on and I moved in and out of committee positions in astronomy societies, editing some magazines alongrepparttar 127602 way (I now put my own ezine, called Photon -, together every couple of months). Astronomy became more aboutrepparttar 127603 bureaucracy of running clubs than about looking through a telescope. Then, inrepparttar 127604 late '90s, wanting to get back to my astronomical "roots", I bought a 'real' telescope, an 8" reflector which I readily turned towardsrepparttar 127605 moon. Stunning views once again assailed my eyes (prompting memories of halcyon nights as a 12 year old looking through my old 60mm scope).

I'm a software writer (or should that be "engineer"?) by profession, so I wrote a bit of software which would help me in planning my moon observations. It told me whenrepparttar 127606 moon would rise and set, what phase it was and other stuff. When people who'd seen it said they wanted a copy, I polished it up and released it as Shareware underrepparttar 127607 title LunarPhase ( It's now evolved into a more comprehensive application called LunarPhase Pro ( I'm pleased that's it's been receiving very good reviews - I feel like I've done something to make other people more aware of my old friend inrepparttar 127608 sky.

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