Debt Reduction Solutions

Written by Mark Lambie

Finding solutions to reducing your debt takes some thinking and research on your part. You have some good choices available to you and we shall list these key debt reduction solutions for you right here:

1. Home Equity Loan or Home Equity Line of Credit. Your 21% charge card can be reduced to nearly 6% over night. How? By taking out a line of credit or equity loan against your home. Equity loans and lines of credit are available at low rates and banks are very willing to extend this service to you as your home is your collateral. Pay off all of your credit card debt withrepparttar loan and you will achieve debt reduction solutions immediately.

2. Replace high interest credit cards with low interest cards. Yes, in this day of low interest rates, many credit cards carry high interest rates. Ask your credit card issuer to reduce their rate closer to market rates. If they refuse to budge, consider applying for a low interest rate card from another provider. Transfer your balance torepparttar 150133 provider offeringrepparttar 150134 best rate.

3. Debt reduction solutions can be realized throughrepparttar 150135 selling of other assets including: an extra car, antiques, jewelry, extra property, renting out property, or liquidating some other assets. Check around your home and see if there is something that you owe that can be sold on eBay or locally at a yard sale. Takerepparttar 150136 proceeds from your sale and pay down your debt, starting withrepparttar 150137 biggest debt first.

How Electronic Checks Work – Will Paper Checks Eventually Go Away?

Written by Robb Ksiazek

Traditional checks probably won’t disappear anytime soon, but processing checks electronically is sure to continue! Have you ever been asked to fill out your account and routing number when paying for something online or overrepparttar phone – or have you provided a paper check to pay for something and it is given back to you after it is run through a machine? Did you scratch your head like I didrepparttar 150132 first time that happened?

Here is how electronic check conversion works. Instead of writing out a checkrepparttar 150133 old-fashioned way,repparttar 150134 new way of using checks use digital signatures for signing and endorsing and have digital certificates to authenticaterepparttar 150135 bank account. These e-checks are sent either by direct transmission using telephone lines or by public networks such asrepparttar 150136 Internet. The “endorsed” e-check with an electronic signature is then sent overrepparttar 150137 internet torepparttar 150138 payee’s bank for deposit.

Why are companies using electronic checks, you ask? Well, more stores are using e-checks because they work inrepparttar 150139 same way as traditional checks, and require very little “public” education onrepparttar 150140 process. Secondly, they are more cost effective, especially for corporate markets. And finally, they can be cleared easier than traditional checks.

What Does it Mean to Me that Companies are Switching Over to E-Checks?

A downside is that there is little or no “float” on your check. Basically, if you were to write a check today, you need funds in your account atrepparttar 150141 time you write your check to coverrepparttar 150142 payment. If funds are not available,repparttar 150143 check may bounce and a fee may be assessed byrepparttar 150144 business.

It has been easy to get intorepparttar 150145 habit of writing out a check right before pay day, knowing thatrepparttar 150146 check would not clear immediately. Withrepparttar 150147 emergence of electronic check conversion, that reasoning no longer is true and it can easily mean trouble.

Who Uses Electronic Checks and How do I Know?

Everyone from gas stations to restaurants and internet websites may use electronic checks, and to know for sure, you must look for a notice. By law, you must receive notice that your check has been processed electronically. Notice can be given inrepparttar 150148 following ways:

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