Debt Management – Watch Out for Bank Fees!

Written by Charles Essmeier

Duringrepparttar last twenty years, banks have offered a number of improvements inrepparttar 149836 area of being customer-friendly. The old 9 AM – 2 PM “banker’s hours” are gone, replaced by a schedule that makes it easy for most people to visit whenrepparttar 149837 bank is open. Automatic teller machines are ubiquitous, making it easier to obtain cash even whenrepparttar 149838 banks are closed. Andrepparttar 149839 debit card has made it easier than ever to pay for an item – you don’t even have to write a check anymore. Such conveniences come with a price, however, and banks are charging additional fees for all sorts of services. Some of them can be quite steep, and consumers should watch how they managerepparttar 149840 money they have inrepparttar 149841 bank.

Banks have been talking for years about how convenient it is to use an automatic teller machine. You can use one 24 hours a day andrepparttar 149842 handy machines often make it unnecessary to interact with a teller. What many banks fail to advertise, however, is that they now charge a fee for any transaction that involves a teller. Most people probably wouldn’t care to pay a $3 fee to walk into a bank to deposit a check, but since many banks charge such a fee, consumers should

Investment Techniques For Creating Passive Income

Written by Mika Hamilton

There are many wealth creation strategies and investment techniques available to those who are looking to create a passive income. These fall into three main categories. Running a business, investing in property and investing inrepparttar share market. Although there are many options in each of these areas, findingrepparttar 149818 right wealth creation strategy for you is not that hard.

The formula for Wealth Creation is relatively simple. In order to increase your wealth, you need to increase your wealth generating activities. Most of us start out trading our time, for money. We get paid an hourly rate for doing a certain job. The problem with this is that in order to increase your income, you usually need to increaserepparttar 149819 amount of hours you sell to your employer or clients. Which in turn reducesrepparttar 149820 amount of time you have to spend on yourself, your family and doingrepparttar 149821 things you enjoy.

In order to increase your quality of life,repparttar 149822 only realistic strategy is to increase your income, and reducerepparttar 149823 amount of hours you work. How do you do this you might ask? By using time tested wealth creation strategies and investment techniques to create and then increase your passive income.

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