Death Becomes Her

Written by Tamara Jong

I hadrepparttar funniest moment today. I called up a client only to hearrepparttar 118211 words, “Abby is no longer with us.” Pause. He then proceeded to say, “She hasn’t passed away, she’s just not with our company anymore. I didn’t want you to think she was dead.” I was in a work mode, so I was a little slow onrepparttar 118212 uptake. However, he made me think how often we don’t clarify ourselves so that what we say can be taken inrepparttar 118213 right or wrong way. Misunderstandings were best played out inrepparttar 118214 immortal, “Three’s Company”. That crazy Jack Tripper. But, I digress.

Take an email for example. It has no tone, or personality. In our quest for quick, responsive communication, email has become almost rude. We ignore ‘em, don’t address people properly, open them and promptly forget them, place high

Blair Bear - The Ultimate Teddy Bear.

Written by Malcolm James Pugh

blair bear and his missions.

Here we see a Brown Bear. Looks cuddly doesnt he. But that is not always what Luigi needs in his bears, and useless in cold climates.

Contrast this with Arctic Bear above, quite a large customer, but not much good in warm climates. Luigi needed a third way.

And as luck would have it, a totally new type of bear appeared. Unlike any seen before,repparttar new BlairBear. He had apparently evolved, Darwinian like, just inrepparttar 118210 nick of time to save all mankind. Unfortunately, after several seemingly successful years, his public mentioned he looked a lot like Arctic Bear and to cap it all he was found to have thawing snow under his nails, kept under wraps before. It was curtains for BlairBear. Its a fair cop Guv, I had a good run for my money he said.

Nevertheless he comes in useful at times on special missions for Luigi, Like here, preparing an honest level playing field, then shiftingrepparttar 118211 goalposts, a classic sign of BlairBears.

And here, by day, controllingrepparttar 118212 sea, Canute like, enthralling onlookers with his seemingly awesome tricks.

Whilst by night he simply movesrepparttar 118213 beach. And leaves a little memento of what he calls his modest country residence.

He is available now should you want to set up a committee, or a seminar, or intensive investigation, or a council of war, or investigative panel, a quango, action group, listening panel, or even a full inquiry.

It takes seconds to activate these and they last months on end, and you dont have to comment on anything to do with it until it is over. He learned these skills from many years of hosting Teddy Bears Picnics in Antarctica, despite only having three bears at his disposal.

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