Death, Time, and Struggle

Written by White Feather

Okay, let's say that we got a sudden psychic premonition that we were going to die exactly three years from now. The premonition is so strong and clear that there is no doubt as to its veracity. Would we fight it and try to change it with our thinking, ordaining it away? Or would we "give uprepparttar struggle and allow a quiet and non-resistant departure"? And if we did "give uprepparttar 122110 struggle", would we suddenly find that life was very different without "the struggle"? Withoutrepparttar 122111 struggle, would we find that it really did not matter how much time we had left?

The key elements here are time and struggle. THEY ARE VERY RELATED! If we change our concept of either one, then our concept of death must also change.

And if we really truly have free will, then we cannot die unless it is a choice on at least some level. This, of course, begsrepparttar 122112 question, "Why would any of us choose death?"

That Fur Coat

Written by Robina Hearle

That Fur Coat.

Women ofrepparttar World! Do you really need animal skins to make yourselves look more beautiful than you already are? Does wearing dead cats, dogs, mink, ferrets and foxes enhance your feeling of well-being, beauty and self worth? Will this year’s frippery be next years throw outs? Will all those animals have given their lives for you in vain? The emotional vibrations of fear and misery fromrepparttar 122109 animals will be held inrepparttar 122110 pelt just as it is in meat. I wonder how healthy this is forrepparttar 122111 wearer. The animal kingdoms which live alongside us are our teachers. Through them we learn about compassion, love and beauty. They patiently teach us care and devotion. The animals often sacrifice themselves in order that we experience these things and so learn to knowrepparttar 122112 ‘more’ of who we are.[You don’t know who you are until you know what you are not]. I ask all of you, asrepparttar 122113 supposedly most advanced race onrepparttar 122114 planet’ do we not have a ‘duty of care’?’ Are we not responsible as guardians forrepparttar 122115 animals in our care? Yet, look at what we do to them! We hunt for sport, kill for fun and monetary gain. We breed animals for reasons like their fleet feet or looks, often producing genetic heritages which cause pain and discomfort during their lives. What monsters we have become! We are still so nearrepparttar 122116 gladiatorial ring- what next in our excesses? Shall we return to watching people kill each other for our amusement and pleasure? Beauty, ‘looking good’ what are these things really about? Could it be about feelings that we are unlovable, unworthy, not good enough and lacking in self-worth? There is nothing wrong in wanting to look good and no judgement attached to this, however when we take it to extremes are we not fooling ourselves aboutrepparttar 122117 reasons for it- aren’t we just trying to cover up our perceived inadequacies?

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