Dear Santa: Christmas Sucks!

Written by Daggi Pulz

Christmas time is finally here, and most people during this holiday are happier than a fat kid eating a Krispy Kreme donut. Christmas brings so many great things torepparttar table;repparttar 125494 caroling,repparttar 125495 NO SCHOOL,repparttar 125496 snowmen and hour long snowball fights that ends with bloody noses,repparttar 125497 eggnog and drunken relatives,repparttar 125498 presents, holiday parties, andrepparttar 125499 drinking hot coco next to a roaring fire while cuddling up with your loved one. How could anybody not love this great holiday! It’s a hiatus fromrepparttar 125500 dark sadness of reality and a time where you can be ridiculously happy! But maybe too happy…

In a recent poll, over 45 percent said that they dreadedrepparttar 125501 holiday altogether. Not everyone seems to seerepparttar 125502 light that Christmas brings, and if you look harder intorepparttar 125503 eyes of this joyous holiday, you may see why. More people kill themselves around Christmas time than any other time of year. “Well,” Khayeni Sanders, a fellow Christmas lover states, “I think you should make a club, or a house, for those people. It’s like an equivalent of a homeless shelter! Wait, what’srepparttar 125504 question again?”

There are several reasons why people just don’t like Christmas, one is that spending Christmas alone is a very depressing situation for anyone. The couple theme that constantly exists with this holiday is not easy to hide from if you are single. For people who are already suffering

Garden Art...from trash?

Written by Jane Parr-Whitehead

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Garden Art… from Trash?

April begs me to do something outdoors! How about you? The weather is about right all overrepparttar 125494 USA for gardening. Besides planning what to put into your garden as far as plants, you need to think ofrepparttar 125495 special additions that make a garden unique. Gardens need "bones" to ground them. No pun intended! Garden sculptures, hedges, specimen trees, and shrubs all help make good bones! Now what about those extra touches that make your garden distinctively yours? Below is a list of ideas that you can use with your own twists to create all kinds of garden goodies for your own garden, or to give as gifts!

Broken plates-don't throw away those chipped plates, especiallyrepparttar 125496 pretty ones! Stick them intorepparttar 125497 garden withrepparttar 125498 chipped parts hidden byrepparttar 125499 dirt. Alone or grouped, they make a statement! Uneven numbers work best. Mirrors and Cds-reflective surfaces attract birds and are fun inrepparttar 125500 sunlight. Make mobiles and hang from tree limbs! With a large mirror, one can place it against a fence, behindrepparttar 125501 plants and enjoyrepparttar 125502 reflections of your garden lighting. Our dog uses our big mirror to scope out squirrels without being seen. Funny to watch! She crawls intorepparttar 125503 greenery beneathrepparttar 125504 trees and watches inrepparttar 125505 mirror for any unsuspecting squirrel to enterrepparttar 125506 bed. She hasn't caught any yet but she sure likes to chase them! More mirrors!-broken mirrors can be found inrepparttar 125507 trash and snatched for use in your garden. Glue with mirror adhesive to fences, garden sheds, and anywhere you want to make a space look larger. Userepparttar 125508 pieces in a loose mosaic form and you have a one of a kind piece of art! Rusted metal anything-the rusted look is very "in" now and metal can be found easily. Use your imagination and use large rusted metal car parts, old gates, iron grates from demolished old homes, and any metal you can get your hands on to create unique garden elements. If you cannot cut or weld these yourself, try finding someone who can and offer to trade a piece of garden art for their work. Fabric-how about an old beach umbrella that you strip down torepparttar 125509 bare spokes and cover with silk greenery and tiny Christmas lights? Inserted intorepparttar 125510 ground where light and a bit of fun are needed,repparttar 125511 look is very "partyish"! Even better if you drape tulle, chiffon, netting, etc. overrepparttar 125512 umbrella! Swagged like you were draping a scarf over your shoulders. If it is to be a permanent fixture, use it as a trellis! Wonderful with lights!

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