Dealing with Refund Requests – Internet Marketing

Written by Joanne King

I think we all cringe and dread when we open our mail box and see that dreaded “Refund Request” inrepparttar subject line. And I guess we dread it for a number of reasons.

1.We know that that person gotrepparttar 143290 use of our product and didn’t have to pay a cent for it (and it can be a disturbing thought but it does happen… some people are just habitual refunders)

2.Advertising isn’t cheap and when you’ve paid to get that customer in it can feel like a beat aroundrepparttar 143291 head when you not only refundrepparttar 143292 money but it often incurs a fee forrepparttar 143293 refund purchase, so now you’ve just paid that customer to have your materials

3.Organizing a refund could be time spent better doing other things

The best thing you can do for yourself and your company is to keep a “cool head” about it. Getting all nancy about it even if it is a “habitual refunder” can do more damage for your name inrepparttar 143294 long run.

I’m sure we’re all aware ofrepparttar 143295 statistics of if someone has a bad experience with your business they will tell 11 people about it, if they have a pleasant experience they will only tell 3 people about it.

How to start your own Affiliate Program – Internet Marketing

Written by Joanne King

This is how most entrepreneurs become filthy stinking rich! EVEN Ebay has an affiliate program!

The truth is its hard generating traffic on your own and if you want massive amounts of traffic this isrepparttar best way I know of. The great thing about creating your own affiliate program is you don’t have to pay a cent until one of your affiliates makes a sale.

However in order to get affiliates to want to promote your product, you do need to make it enticing for them. If you’re selling a digital product where you make basically 100% ofrepparttar 143289 profits then your affiliates will be expecting a decent cut ofrepparttar 143290 profits. After all, advertising can be quite expensive. It needs to be worth “their” while.

If your digital product sells for $97 ++ and you offer a 50% commission… your not going to have any troubles getting affiliates to sign on and promote your product (unless of course your salescopy isn’t up to scratch or your product has a bad reputation, I’ve seen that happen before).

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