De Jour ou Jour

Written by Val K

Yours isrepparttar eyes of innocence

the goat which bounds on rocks,

it is free, it has no master,

When I wake up inrepparttar 137104 morning

and Aurora greets me with a warm embrace

andrepparttar 137105 birds, egress—

I rememberrepparttar 137106 smile in your eyes,

asrepparttar 137107 dews drip fromrepparttar 137108 sky.

Becoming a model

Written by Ryan Fyfe

Every day I receive requests on how to becoming a model. Things like how to get started, finding and contacting a modeling agency, and getting a first photo shoot. How to get started: Before you get started doing anything, you should ask yourself these questions as they will help guide you forrepparttar rest ofrepparttar 137049 process.
  • What do I want to get out of modeling?
  • What am I willing to put into becoming a model
  • What kind of model do I want to be? Fashion, Runway, swimsuit, sport,etc.
  • How flexible am I for traveling and for time Once you evaluate these questions, There is two ways you can go. One is to contact a modeling agency which I will explain below. The other method is to act like your own agency and create your own portfolio. This is easily done overrepparttar 137050 internet, now with several places in which you can post pictures, and information on yourself to attract talent scouts.

    If you choose to gorepparttar 137051 traditional route and to work with a modeling agency, It can be hard at times to know first of all how to find a good one, and what to look for in a modeling agency. You can easily look up and find agencies in phone books or online,etc. Before you do any of that, I would recommend contacting anyone you know, that is a model, and finding out about some ofrepparttar 137052 experiences that they have had with modeling and general, and also specifically with different agencies in your area. Once you have a general idea of whatrepparttar 137053 scene looks like, contact some ofrepparttar 137054 agencies and set up an appointment to meet with them. Meeting withrepparttar 137055 agency can berepparttar 137056 hardest and most nerve wrecking part ofrepparttar 137057 whole experience. Be firm, and don’t allowrepparttar 137058 agency to take advantage of you!

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