Written by Rick Barber

If you have ever tried loading a large number of records into a drop down box you know that this can significantly slow downrepparttar page. A great solution is DbCombo (www.dbcombo.com). DbCombo is a managed ASP.Net control that uses a datasource to auto complete and display matching results in a drop-down box without using a page postback.

The data is provided fromrepparttar 133388 datasource dynamically so you can virtually have an unlimited number of results returned. This is all done without sacrificingrepparttar 133389 speed of your application. Can you imagine loading 100,000 records into a standard box? It is virtually impossible but DbCombo can easily handle this and it's literally done in a matter of seconds.

If you have visitors that use your site with older browsers there is no need to be concerned about compatibility. DbCombo gracefully degrades to HTML 3.2 on older browsers without losing any functionality. Inrepparttar 133390 degraded state a postback is necessary but it all happens dynamically without having to write additional code.

Forrepparttar 133391 advanced developer DbCombo contains over 40 properties. There are also numerous JavaScript functions that allow you to interact with DbCombo on your page and do things like easily getrepparttar 133392 selected text or resetrepparttar 133393 control. These properties and functions allowrepparttar 133394 component to be easily customized for a variety of needs.

DbCombo is easy enough to use that even casual developers can incorporate it into their site and it only takes a small amount of code to get it working. Here's a simple example of how to include this powerful control in your page.

First you need to create a file called DbComboServer.aspx and place it inrepparttar 133395 root of your site or application. This file is needed in order for DbCombo to work properly and is in addition torepparttar 133396 page(s) that you are going to actually use DbCombo on. Delete anything fromrepparttar 133397 file that might have been automatically generated from your editor and replace it withrepparttar 133398 following:

<%@ Page AutoEventWireup="false" Inherits="Cambro.Web.DbCombo.ServerPage" %>

Important: The above line isrepparttar 133399 only thing that should be in that file. If your editor created a code behind page for DbComboServer.aspx you can also delete that. It isn't used or needed.

Next you need to ensure that DbCombo will work onrepparttar 133400 production server. Addrepparttar 133401 following insiderepparttar 133402 tag of your web.config and replace REGISTRATION KEY withrepparttar 133403 one you were provided. If you are testing locally on your development machine you can leave this as is or leaverepparttar 133404 registration key blank.

If you happen to have a hosting provider that providesrepparttar 133405 license key already, you don't need to add this to web.config. ORCS Web (www.orcsweb.com) provides dbcombo at no charge for all shared hosting accounts so it isn't necessary to add this to your web.config. The component along withrepparttar 133406 .xml file also needs to be uploaded torepparttar 133407 /bin folder ofrepparttar 133408 site. If your site is hosted with a hosting company they can place these files into your /bin folder for you.

Change Password for SQL Server User

Written by David Weber

Most security experts' recommendations include changing passwords frequently to enhance security. It is easy to changerepparttar password on a SQL Server Username via Query Analyzer. Changingrepparttar 133387 password with Query Analyzer makes it easy to coordinate changingrepparttar 133388 password onrepparttar 133389 database server atrepparttar 133390 same time as it is changed inrepparttar 133391 connection string. This approach providesrepparttar 133392 flexibility to changerepparttar 133393 password atrepparttar 133394 most appropriate time forrepparttar 133395 application.

To changerepparttar 133396 SQL Server Username password, just connect torepparttar 133397 database with Query Analyzer usingrepparttar 133398 SQL Server Username that is being updated andrepparttar 133399 current password. Then run "sp_password" to changerepparttar 133400 password.

sp_password [ [ @old = ] 'old_password' , ] { [ @new =] 'new_password' } [ , [ @loginame = ] 'login' ]

The Office Microsoft Documentation for sp_password

Here is a simple example that changesrepparttar 133401 current password from "currentPSWD" to "newPSWD";

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