Day Trading the Index Futures - How to Judge Good Entries

Written by Mike Reed

QUESTION: Ifrepparttar SP futures fall through support and go straight down for another two points, and I want to get short, should I a.)enter immediately, b.) two points below support, or c.)should I wait for a pullback and then try to get short?

You've got to be patient enough to wait for entries that have two things: first - a high probability of immediate gain, and second - a small potential for loss ifrepparttar 150344 worst happens and your hard stop gets hit. This principle applies to all entries, and it's useful to think about it when you're trying to decide whether to enter on a pullback or a continuation of a move.

Entering on a pullback offers less dollar risk than chasingrepparttar 150345 market because you can place your hard stop onrepparttar 150346 other side of support or resistance and risk only a point or two. (Of course, this doesn't mean you're going to hang around and letrepparttar 150347 market hit your hard stop if things go wrong.)

Entering on a pullback also gives you a better chance of gaining a point or so inrepparttar 150348 first 30 to 60 seconds ofrepparttar 150349 trade. This is important, though very few people seem to be talking about it. perhaps it's a well kept secret.

I rarely (almost never) chase

Home Equity Line of Credit Ė Great for Remodeling Projects

Written by Charles Essmeier

Many homeowners are lucky enough to find a house that represents exactly what they want in a home. They buy it, makerepparttar payments on it, and live more or less happily ever after. Others are not so fortunate. Some buyers who live in a pricey market may have to settle for less house than they need, hoping to find a solution to their lack of space later. A third group of buyers may find that their housing needs change over time, as their family size increases. What can be done in these situations?

A common solution to these problems is to add on torepparttar 150294 house, often accomplished by converting a garage to a room, adding a room overrepparttar 150295 garage, or simply adding a room somewhere else onrepparttar 150296 property. For these projects, a home equity loan is a great source of financing. The home itself is used as collateral forrepparttar 150297 loan, andrepparttar 150298 addition actually increasesrepparttar 150299 value ofrepparttar 150300 house. As most of these projects involve a fixed cost,repparttar 150301 payments can be structured at a fixed interest rate over a specific period of time. But what aboutrepparttar 150302 do-it-yourself project? What ifrepparttar 150303 problem withrepparttar 150304 home isnít a lack of space, but a lack of taste onrepparttar 150305 part of previous owners? Is there a better financing choice in these situations?

If your problem is gold appliances,

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