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Written by Arlene Adams

I think everyone deserves a chance to operate there own business at some point in their lives no matter what it is, thats why I wrote my

AUCTION TIP: Make the Most of Your eBay "About Me" Page

Written by Chuck Smith

One ofrepparttar most important, and least-utilized, features on eBay isrepparttar 117373 "About Me" page. With your About Me page, you can promote yourself as a seller, promote all of your auctions, and show off your eBay Feedback ratings. This provides credibility for your auction business, and also gives you an opportunity to express your unique personality.

To create your About Me page, log into eBay and go torepparttar 117374 "my eBay" tab atrepparttar 117375 top ofrepparttar 117376 page. Once there, select repparttar 117377 "about me" tab. This will bring you torepparttar 117378 About Me creation page. Simply click onrepparttar 117379 "create and edit your page" button to get started.

eBay offers three different pre-packaged layouts for you to choose. Once you've selected your template, you will be presented with a form. All three templates will ask you to completerepparttar 117380 same information.

Before you start to fill inrepparttar 117381 form, you should think about what you want to accomplish with your eBay business. For repparttar 117382 purpose of this article, I'm going to pretend I am in repparttar 117383 antique tin toy business. With this example, I'm letting my personality shine through to help build a following with tin toy collectors.

Page Title: Chuck's Antique Tin Toys

Welcome Heading: The Finest Tin Toys on eBay!

Welcome Text: Hi, my name is Chuck Smith, and I LOVE TIN TOYS! I've been collecting antique tin toys for over 10 years, and discovered eBay was a great place to find more toys for my collection about three years ago. The problem was I was buying so many, I was running out of money. But my loss is your gain. I decided to use eBay to finance my hobby and I'm offering antique tin toys (at leastrepparttar 117384 ones I don't HAVE to have for my collection) on eBay.

Another Paragraph Heading: In my auctions, you will be given detailed descriptions of every item I sell. You'll seerepparttar 117385 exact condition, including complete descriptions of any flaws. I will also give you as much information about repparttar 117386 toy, including manufacturer, history, and provenance as I can provide. I want you to feel comfortable when buying from me. On this page, you can see my Feedback and also repparttar 117387 other Items I have for sale. I hope you'll enjoy my auctions, and I look forward to doing business with you in repparttar 117388 near future! Good luck!

Picture: You can add a picture of yourself holding a toy. To get a picture on eBay, you will need to either have a Web site where you can post files already, or you can use one of repparttar 117389 many picture hosting services available onrepparttar 117390 Internet.

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