Dating Tips for Men

Written by Maurice Tate

Dating Tips for Men!

What does a women find attractive in a MAN!

Have you ever noticed that very attractive women are not interested in nice man but are attracted to Bad Boys? Do you have attractive women friends that just want to be friends with you?

I have and I got sick of this response.

Most men never really explore this question and act too nice. Most men try to pleaserepparttar women by asking out for dinner and give flowers etc. Most men are needy around a women and want love and sex.

They felt they were not really loved from mum and so are needy in wanting a women to love them so they can feel good about themselves.

Women really want a challenge and not a wuss. They love a very confident, sexy man that knows he can attract any women with no effort.

Attraction comes from a deep gut level which is not logical. And being nice does not make a women attracted to you.

This is hard to understand as it has no logic. Once I got over being nice and pleasing I found women much more interested in me. I more I stopped trying to please and be always availablerepparttar 139232 morerepparttar 139233 women became interested.

If a women is not attracted to me after a first contact I do not try to get her to change her mind.

I just say next and move on. It is very hard to change a womens opinion if she just wants to be friends. Easier to move on than waste a lot of time.

Very Simple, Easy Ideas For Your Date

Written by Laura Hickey

Plan a romantic meal for two.

Youíve seen in movies, on TV and even in music videos couples enjoying a romantic dinner. But if youíre scratching your head, take a deep breathe and read on for some simple ways to createrepparttar romantic meal youíve always wanted.

You- Letís start with yourself. Choose an outfit that is sexy yet classy. Avoid excess use of chemical infused mousse, gel and hair spray. Smell is linked to memory so donít forget to put on a nice smelling body spray/perfume.

The Mood- Light candles around areas not near curtains, wires, etc... A scented candle may add or overpower your evening. Flowers all around can create a positive and great smelling scent. But make sure your date isnít allergic. You can also add flower petals onrepparttar 139166 floors, table tops and on top ofrepparttar 139167 bed.

Music- Usually soft background music is best.

The meal- A home cooked meal has been known to impress their dates. But if youíre an awful cook, order some food to go. Along with some dessert.

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