Dating Tip for Women: Don't Work Too Hard

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

Remember Jerry Hall,repparttar model who married Mick Jagger? Jerry was famous for making this statement:

"My mother said it was simple to keep a man. You must be a maid inrepparttar 135665 living room, a cook inrepparttar 135666 kitchen, and a whore inrepparttar 135667 bedroom."

I don't know about you, but if keeping a man meant all that work, I'd have stayed single.

In addition to that pearl of wisdom, Ms. Hall offered this one: "Even if you have only two seconds, drop everything and give him (oral sex). That way he won't really want sex with anyone else."

Poor Jerry. Too bad her mother didn't tell her that if a man tends to want sex with "anyone else," he's not great husband material.

Sadly, despite all her hard work, Mick Jagger continued to have sex with other people and fathered a child with another model during his marriage to Hall. They are now divorced. So much for keeping a man!

The point? No guy is worth running yourself ragged for. Instead of appreciating your efforts, he will likely take you for granted and come to resent you. Think about it: Do you fall for guys who are at your beck and call allrepparttar 135668 time? They're great for helping you move, but you probably wouldn't marry one.

All right. Let's say you decide to move in with a guy. Before you run out to Bed Bath & Beyond, it's absolutely imperative that you talk to your boyfriend about sharing household chores. It's not romantic, but you'll save yourself much misery inrepparttar 135669 end. And whatever you do, don't get off onrepparttar 135670 wrong foot by cooking dinner every night and doing his laundry.

Deception Wrinkle Cream

Written by Jasmine Yap

New Cosmetic Product Makes Wrinkles Almost Invisible torepparttar Naked Eye!

Watch this recent ABC News clip and seerepparttar 135560 results for yourself! An ndependent news organization persuaded two volunteers to tryrepparttar 135561 product and tell them what they thought about it!

What's going on here?

Is this some kind of magic? No, -it's not magic. It's science which seems like magic.

The main ingredient in Deception is made from something called "emu oil". I'll tell you about emu oil in a moment... but first... let me tell you what createsrepparttar 135562 "magic" effect.

This isrepparttar 135563 best triple-refined emu oil inrepparttar 135564 world. And, an extra ingredient is added to it while it is being made into a cream. This extra ingredient is a suspension of superfine silicon dioxide nanoprisms which has been "fractionated" instead of powderized. That means instead of turning into flakes when it is processed... it turns into...

Billions of Microscopic Three-Dimensional Nanoprisms! So what?

Here's "so what." Almost nobody knows this... but...repparttar 135565 human eye cannot see a wrinkle. Whatrepparttar 135566 eye sees is actuallyrepparttar 135567 shadow made byrepparttar 135568 wrinkle. And, since all those billions of microscopic nanoprisms refract light, when you use Deception...

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