Dating Success: Dress to Attract the Man of Your Dreams

Written by Terry Hernon MacDonald

In order to attractrepparttar man of your dreams, it helps to dress in a way that honors your beautiful body. When I userepparttar 145633 word "honor," I don't mean you should dress like a nun or hide yourself in an ankle-length skirt and a turtleneck.

But you should wear only clothes that makerepparttar 145634 best of your unique shape. Too many fleshy women (and there are lots of men who prefer robust females over skimpier lasses) are currently wanderingrepparttar 145635 planet in low-rise jeans and tank tops, which results in a phenomenon known as "muffin top." In other words, they're walking around with a wedge of flab over their waistbands. Not a good look.

Before you hop on whatever trend they're pushing in InStyle magazine, ask yourself ifrepparttar 145636 look works for you and your beautiful body. I once read an interview withrepparttar 145637 actress Sela Ward, in which she said she chooses clothes to show off her amazing flat stomach but avoids items that expose her flabby thighs. You see, nobody's perfect!

The key is to emphasize what you do have and to detract from what you don't. Buy onlyrepparttar 145638 clothes that you know you'll put on over and over again because they make you feel fantastic. Think twice about any garment heralded by women's magazines as "must-have" items. The only "must-haves" in life are oxygen and self-esteem.

Which brings me to my next subject: When you go out to a club, a bar or a party, you will notice that 3/4 ofrepparttar 145639 other women are half naked. Yes, some of them look quite good half naked (whilerepparttar 145640 other half look quite scary), but dressing provocatively often attractsrepparttar 145641 very guys a woman would do better to avoid.

Put it this way: If you don't leave anything torepparttar 145642 imagination, you usually attract a guy with no imagination.

Whatís Cool?

Written by Garry Munro

What you feel is just right and different from other things, is Cool.

You can be cool to other people because you are that bit different and something others aspire too.

How things become cool is not by intention, I think if you sit down and plan to make something cool, even to make yourself cool, people will soon see it to be un-cool, so to be cool it just has to turn out that way!

There are cool things all around us, we just need to look and observe closer for that something different and something special.

People who drive a Ford or Toyota are acceptingrepparttar normal but people who drive a Porsche, Ferrari or Mini are looking for something different so they drive a cool car, that doesnít necessary make them cool but they are closer to it thanrepparttar 145416 normal car driver.

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