Datacraft Solutions Leads in e-kanban Marketshare

Written by Thomas Cutler

1000% growth in e-kanban services inrepparttar past twelve months has North Carolina-based Datacraft Solutions ( poised to capture significant percentage of lean manufacturing organizations business.

According to Sam Bayer, President of Datacraft Solutions, “We have seen explosive growth from major manufacturing enterprises with Lean initiatives. From Wiremold to dj Orthopedics to KOYO to Outokumpu, our e-kanban system, Signum, is being used throughout North America.”

Fax Kanban is not Efficient and not Lean At ten minutes per fax, someone is spending 3.5 hours per day in administration time. That inefficiency results in less time to utilize more suppliers or improverepparttar 146490 relationships with existing suppliers.

Furthermore, even if 99% of those faxes are trouble free procurement signals, four faxes per month are going to be problematic and diluterepparttar 146491 entire rationale for a lean manufacturing operation. Suppliers claim they did not receiverepparttar 146492 fax kanban; suppliers cannot makerepparttar 146493 shipment date requested and expedited shipping fees are incurred, or worse, there will be a stockout which will negatively impact customer service levels.

ENERFAB Goes Live With ETO ERP Encompix In Just Three Months

Written by Thomas Cutler

ENERFAB is a leading process solution firm with design and build capabilities servingrepparttar process industries including chemical, food and beverage, mining, pharmaceutical, power generation, and pulp and paper.

After a three-month implementation, ENERFAB went live with Encompix,repparttar 146489 nation’s leading ETO (Engineer-to-Order) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System. Moving from a "green screen" system to Encompix was a big change forrepparttar 146490 Sharonville, Ohio, firm. "We were very impressed withrepparttar 146491 inventory and purchasing functionality and by eliminating duplicate data entry we have cut our purchasing time by half," said Dave Lutz, IT Director.

ENERFAB has over 2,600 employees in 10 locations and plans to increase its use of Encompix. "We are looking at expanding our use of Encompix into other areas ofrepparttar 146492 business and are planning to bring on our Spare Parts Division in a couple of months."

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