Dangerous ideas?

Written by David Ben-Ariel

A three judge Israeli panel permitted certain women to have services atrepparttar Western Wall, noting they "haverepparttar 149851 right to pray according to their custom...It is unacceptable that concern about a violent reaction by any sector ofrepparttar 149852 public will lead to denial ofrepparttar 149853 exercise by another sector of its right."

Yet it is precisely because ofrepparttar 149854 threats of militant Muslims that Christians and Jews have always been denied their religious right uponrepparttar 149855 Temple Mount. Based uponrepparttar 149856 ruling, "freedom of access" torepparttar 149857 Temple Mount should finally be guaranteed for all, as Israeli law states.

Former Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert accusedrepparttar 149858 government and Attorney General of FAILING TO PROTECT JEWISH RIGHTS UPON THE TEMPLE MOUNT and were permittingrepparttar 149859 Muslims to build another mosque there. "Priceless archaeological treasures are being destroyed inrepparttar 149860 process," Olmert was quoted by Israel Radio. A municipal official who wanted to seerepparttar 149861 site was turned back by police. So law-abiding officials are turned away fromrepparttar 149862 Temple Mount while Muslim criminals floutrepparttar 149863 law and foxes run free?

Benjamin Netanyahu: "The right ofrepparttar 149864 Jewish people to its holy place -repparttar 149865 Temple Mount - cannot be questioned...I believe it is necessary to arrange for Jewish prayer onrepparttar 149866 site, especially given that we permit freedom of worship to allrepparttar 149867 religions in Jerusalem...". And his office charged Palestinian officials with "disparaging Jewish holy sites and threatening potential worshippers" (in flagrant violation of Israel's 1967 Law forrepparttar 149868 Protection ofrepparttar 149869 Holy Places andrepparttar 149870 Oslo Accords). His deputy director of communications, Michael Freund, responded torepparttar 149871 PA mufti's declaration of war (that Jews "...must absolutely forget about having any rights overrepparttar 149872 Temple Mount...the Western Wall is just a fence belonging to a Muslim holy site") by saying "these statements are repugnant and they betray a contempt for Judaism's most sacred sites and beliefs. They are an affront to history and insulting to Jews everywhere."

Tzachi Hanegbi, former Israeli Public Security Minister, was quoted by Israeli media as tellingrepparttar 149873 Knesset thatrepparttar 149874 Temple Mount would soon be open to non-Muslims, with or without Muslim agreement:

President Bush rewards terrorism!

Written by David Ben-Ariel

America can ill afford to reward terrorists, yet The Blade reports our bankrupt country has budgeted $200,000,000 "economic and infrastructure assistance torepparttar Palestian Authority." This same issue of The Blade reports growing concerns that democracy amongrepparttar 149850 "Palestinians" could backfire upon us with their rejection of one terrorist group, Fatah, co-founded by terrorist Mahmoud Abbas and terrorist Yasser Arafat, forrepparttar 149851 terrorist group America is still honest enough to call a terrorist organization: Hamas.

The Blade reports that Fatah is "expected to take a beating atrepparttar 149852 hands ofrepparttar 149853 Islamic Hamas, which is running candidates forrepparttar 149854 first time."

It isrepparttar 149855 American people and our so-called war against terrorism that is takingrepparttar 149856 beating. How can we expect to win a war against those Nazi-Muslims who have declared war againstrepparttar 149857 West, especially againstrepparttar 149858 United States and Israel, when we continue to reward terrorists and President Bush pimps another Arab regime, an accursed "Palestine," uponrepparttar 149859 Promised Land of Israel? Doesn't President Bush know his facts?

You don't have to be an Einstein to figure out thatrepparttar 149860 $200,000,000 going into Palestinian coffers equals more Americans and Israelis going into coffins! If Islamic Hamas winsrepparttar 149861 terrorist organization of your choice election, that $200,000,000 goes right into their bloody hands!

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