Dame Barbara Cartland ( 2 )

Written by Birmingham UK Com

In 1989 Barbara Cartland wasrepparttar first person ever to appear twice onrepparttar 137401 famous television show 'This is your Life' Barbara Cartland has championed many causes and taken part in a variety of projects. She has been a County Councillor for nine years, drawn attention torepparttar 137402 condition of Housing and Homes forrepparttar 137403 elderly and even hadrepparttar 137404 law changed in order that Romany children should go to school. This was one ofrepparttar 137405 most unpopular causes she had ever attempted butrepparttar 137406 provision of camps for Romany gypsies is down to Barbara Cartland. She helped set up fourteen county council camps in Hertfordshire and other counties followed suit. There is even a camp named after her - Barbaraville!

You might be tempted into thinking that Barbara Cartland lived in a fantasy pink world of imagination if it were not forrepparttar 137407 fact that she has achieved many great things. Her interests have been extensive and she has even written countless books and articles about health and encouragedrepparttar 137408 use of alternative medicine. In fact, Barbara Cartland answered 40,000 letters a year, of which, 30,000 were about health. She frequently wrote journals and reports about health products which was unpaid work. This is a lady who was very much 'in touch' withrepparttar 137409 modern world.

Barbara Cartland was awarded for Achievement by Prime Minister Chirac of Francerepparttar 137410 honour bestowed upon her byrepparttar 137411 City of Paris in a country where over thirty million copies her books had been sold. Since this timerepparttar 137412 figure has risen to over sixty million.

Barbara Cartland always had a soft spot for Birmingham and visited it regularly for appearances on Pebble Mill and Birmingham radio stations. She gave many interviews to Birmingham newspapers and in particularrepparttar 137413 'Birmingham Post' and she always said she was delighted to have been born in a great city and proud of everything that Birmingham had achieved.

An Easy Way to Make Money With EBooks

Written by Kathy Burns-Millyard

If you've been aroundrepparttar web for any time at all - especially looking for information about how to get your own online business started - you've probably heard one thing metioned time and time again: Make and sell your own products.

It's an undeniable fact. Selling your own product isrepparttar 137018 fastest, and sometimes easiest, way to make money online. And one ofrepparttar 137019 easiest types of products to sell is information.

Information is a hot commodity. People love to learn new things - or learn more about their favorite topics. By creating useful, helpful, or entertaining information on almost any topic - you can literally make a fortune. And yes you can start raking in money fromrepparttar 137020 minute your product is released for sale.

Nowrepparttar 137021 entire process doesn't happen overnight, and no it's not magic. There is a formula. Or "system" if you will. And there's hard work too.

Whether you want to create a tutorial, informative email course, special report, or full length book: You need to invest either time or money to get that product created. You can't make money from it until you're able to sell it, and in order to sell it - you have to create it.

And creation takes time. Even if you haverepparttar 137022 money to pay someone else to write for you, they'll still need time to do it well. If you choose to writerepparttar 137023 EBook yourself, you'll need time too. Even if you knowrepparttar 137024 topic inside and out, it takes time to "get it all down on paper". Then of course you have to organize it, format it, edit, figure out publishing and delivery options, etc.

Now a tried and true method of getting a business started fast is to invest in ready-made products. People do this every day with EBay and dropshipping. The basic concept is simple: You buy products at reduced, or "wholesale" rates, and resell them to customers at standard retail mark up rates. You keeprepparttar 137025 difference in whatrepparttar 137026 product sells for, and what you paid for it.

Many people don't realize you can dorepparttar 137027 same thing with EBooks. Buy ones that are already written and packaged nicely - at wholesale prices - then sell them torepparttar 137028 public. Now it's important to understand you can't do this with just any EBook you come across. It's illegal. You must have a license to sell someone else's EBook, and you must have connections to get them at "wholesale" prices.

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