Dame Barbara Cartland ( 1 )

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The story really begins in Scotland where there is a village named afterrepparttar Cartlands and whererepparttar 137402 family are reported in ancient Chronicles as being in Lanarkshire as far back as AD 1200. Some ofrepparttar 137403 Cartlands moved south and Barbara Cartland's Great Grandfather had an estate in Worcestershire. Atrepparttar 137404 time ofrepparttar 137405 Industrial Revolution in 1840 he moved to Warwickshre and built a large house in open countryside at a place which is now known as Kings Norton in Birmingham. A wealthy man with a Brass Factory in Birmingham, his second son, James Cartland, became a great Financier and Barbara Cartland's Grandfather.

James Cartland helped to build uprepparttar 137406 City of Birmingham and was twice offered a Baronetcy and a Knighthood - all of which he refused. James married Flora Falkner who was a direct descendant of King Robertrepparttar 137407 Bruce of Scotland. The couple only had one son, James Bertram Falkner Cartland, who fell in love and married with Mary ( Polly ) Hamilton Scobell. The couple moved to Worcestershire and on July 9th 1901 at Vectis Lodge, Edgbaston - Barbara Cartland (Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland ) was born.

The family, were originally born into an enviable degree of middle class security, butrepparttar 137408 suicide of her paternal grandfather left them short of money. The family were forced to move to Amerie Court in Pershore. Tragedy struck once again when Major James Cartland was killed in France inrepparttar 137409 final weeks ofrepparttar 137410 ending ofrepparttar 137411 First World War. Barbara Cartland was just seventeen. When asked by her mother where she would like to live, Barbara Cartland chose London andrepparttar 137412 family, including her two brothers Ronald and Anthony, subsequently moved torepparttar 137413 capital. Her enterprising mother opened a London dress shop to make ends meet "Poor I may be," Polly Cartland once said, "but common I am not". Anthony and Ronald would both be killed in battle, one day apart, in 1940.

After attending Malvern Girls' College and Abbey House, an educational institution in Hampshire, Cartland became a successful journalist and a gossip columnist. Her first novel, "Jigsaw," was published in 1923. It was a huge success and Barbara Cartland began to write seriously in order to earn money.

In 1927 Barbara Cartland married Alexander George McCorquodale, a former Officer ofrepparttar 137414 Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders who was heir to a British printing fortune. They had a daughter called Raine who became "Deb ofrepparttar 137415 Year" in 1947 and much laterrepparttar 137416 stepmother of Diana, Prince of Wales.

In 1935, Barbara's brother, Ronald, was working inrepparttar 137417 Conservative Central Office and anxious to become a candidate inrepparttar 137418 Labour held Kings Norton Division of Birmingham. In those days a Member of Parliament had to pay their own expenses of around 1,000. Ronald was only earning 4 a week.

Dame Barbara Cartland ( 2 )

Written by Birmingham UK Com

In 1989 Barbara Cartland wasrepparttar first person ever to appear twice onrepparttar 137401 famous television show 'This is your Life' Barbara Cartland has championed many causes and taken part in a variety of projects. She has been a County Councillor for nine years, drawn attention torepparttar 137402 condition of Housing and Homes forrepparttar 137403 elderly and even hadrepparttar 137404 law changed in order that Romany children should go to school. This was one ofrepparttar 137405 most unpopular causes she had ever attempted butrepparttar 137406 provision of camps for Romany gypsies is down to Barbara Cartland. She helped set up fourteen county council camps in Hertfordshire and other counties followed suit. There is even a camp named after her - Barbaraville!

You might be tempted into thinking that Barbara Cartland lived in a fantasy pink world of imagination if it were not forrepparttar 137407 fact that she has achieved many great things. Her interests have been extensive and she has even written countless books and articles about health and encouragedrepparttar 137408 use of alternative medicine. In fact, Barbara Cartland answered 40,000 letters a year, of which, 30,000 were about health. She frequently wrote journals and reports about health products which was unpaid work. This is a lady who was very much 'in touch' withrepparttar 137409 modern world.

Barbara Cartland was awarded for Achievement by Prime Minister Chirac of Francerepparttar 137410 honour bestowed upon her byrepparttar 137411 City of Paris in a country where over thirty million copies her books had been sold. Since this timerepparttar 137412 figure has risen to over sixty million.

Barbara Cartland always had a soft spot for Birmingham and visited it regularly for appearances on Pebble Mill and Birmingham radio stations. She gave many interviews to Birmingham newspapers and in particularrepparttar 137413 'Birmingham Post' and she always said she was delighted to have been born in a great city and proud of everything that Birmingham had achieved.

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