Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. Completes Removal of Two 20,000-Gallon USTs

Written by Damon Kozul

South Plainfield, New Jersey, July 2005 – Dallas Contracting Co., Inc., (website: http://www.dallascontracting.com) a specialized contractor providing demolition, onsite concrete aggregate crushing, equipment salvage and scrap metal recycling to various industries, completedrepparttar removal of two (2) 20,000 gallon underground storage tanks.

The first task was to pumprepparttar 151073 tanks out to remove any liquids and sludge. Tanker trucks were used to removerepparttar 151074 liquids. A vacuum truck was then utilized to remove any remaining sludge.

Following removal ofrepparttar 151075 liquids and sludge,repparttar 151076 underground storage tanks were exhumed using a Komatsu PC-400-LC6. The tanks were placed on polyethylene and then cut into pieces using a Komatsu PC300-5 with a shear attachment. The steel tank pieces were sent offsite for recycling. The excavation area was then backfilled with clean fill materials.

About Dallas Contracting Co., Inc.

Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. has been in business for 26 years, is financially sound (D&B Rating of 3A2), is bondable, and works on a nationwide basis. Dallas Contracting Co., Inc. offers a turnkey approach to demolition, concrete recycling and remediation projects by offeringrepparttar 151077 following services under one roof:


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