Daily Treadmill Workouts are a Great Way to Keep in Shape

Written by Laura Gray

Serious runners and walkers eventually turn to treadmill workouts so that they can exercise safely and conveniently at any time of day or night in their own homes. Fitness experts agree that one ofrepparttar best ways to get in shape and stay that way is by running or walking every day, butrepparttar 149844 reality is that it isn’t always safe or practical to do so on "the open road." If your free time is inrepparttar 149845 early morning or late at night, or your route is by a roadway where there is heavy or high-speed traffic, your most important goal may become getting home alive, which missesrepparttar 149846 point ofrepparttar 149847 whole thing. Also, it isn’t fun or sensible to run inrepparttar 149848 snow, sleet, hail, rain, orrepparttar 149849 blazing sun. A treadmill workout isrepparttar 149850 answer to all these problems.

There are health clubs and gyms that offer treadmill workouts to their clients, but you may have decided that you don’t likerepparttar 149851 hours offered byrepparttar 149852 club or gym near you, orrepparttar 149853 locations are not convenient, or you prefer not to have an audience when you work out. Whatever drives you to it, if you are concerned about health and fitness, you will eventually buy a treadmill for home use, and you should make sure you are getting a good piece of equipment at a reasonable price. It is also important to select a model with features that you will use and enjoy:

• If you have limited room in your home or apartment, you will be happiest with a fold-up machine that can be stored out ofrepparttar 149854 way in a closet or underrepparttar 149855 bed.

• If money is not a concern, you can combine fitness and entertainment by choosing a treadmill with a built-in television and speakers; or you may be happy with an inexpensive manual machine, which you can position in front ofrepparttar 149856 TV.

• There are treadmills with controls that monitor speed, pace, incline, time, distance traveled, calories burned, and with heart rate controls and pulse sensors.

• Many models have built-in racks and nests to hold reading material, a water bottle, a CD player or a cell phone, and a towel.

• If you would like sophisticated gadgetry on a treadmill butrepparttar 149857 cost is prohibitive, you should check outrepparttar 149858 used treadmills andrepparttar 149859 discount treadmills, which may offer what you want at a price you can afford.

A Variety of Treadmill Workouts are Available

• There are treadmills that include workout CDs with energizing music and workout videos with spectacular scenery to createrepparttar 149860 illusion that you are outdoors, or you can buy these separately. (And if you want fresh air to go with it, you can open a window.)

• Some treadmills have pre-set programs, such as interspersing flat surface workouts with inclines, or by varying speeds. Some programs are designed for weight loss and some for cardio fitness, and all will have different levels of intensity. There are programs that varyrepparttar 149861 speed and force ofrepparttar 149862 workout to keep your heart rate within a pre-selected zone.

• On some machines, you can design a personal program for yourself, and, of course, all treadmills allowrepparttar 149863 user to changerepparttar 149864 speed or incline duringrepparttar 149865 workout, usually atrepparttar 149866 push of a button.

Treadmill Workouts Keep You Motivated

• ProForm – Some models of ProForm treadmills come with interactive workout disks that include music, incline and speed controls, and recorded advice by personal trainers to encourage you to monitor and gradually improve your cardiovascular fitness.

The Reebok Elliptical - A Brief Review

Written by Deirdre Jones

When consideringrepparttar Reebok Elliptical for your workout, there are a few things that you should be aware of.

The Reebok elliptical is a fairly large machine with mostly independent parts. This can make it difficult for you to dorepparttar 149843 maintenance and repairs on your own. Other thanrepparttar 149844 fact thatrepparttar 149845 Reebok elliptical can become noisy after regular use, you will have little trouble with this machine.

One ofrepparttar 149846 things that many people tend to really enjoy aboutrepparttar 149847 Reebok elliptical is that it has such a smooth ride. It also includes upper body workout poles that move withrepparttar 149848 pedals to give you an upper body workout if you desire.

If you don't want to userepparttar 149849 upper body workout poles, you can opt to leave them off when assemblingrepparttar 149850 Reebok elliptical. However, if you would like to leave them onrepparttar 149851 machine for periodical use, there stationary bars provided so that you can balance yourself when not usingrepparttar 149852 upper body workout poles. You should be careful when you are not usingrepparttar 149853 upper body workout poles because they will still move while you are exercising.

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