Dai Nationality Bamboo Tea

Written by TeaHub

Bamboo tea is a Dai Nationality ethnic tea. There are two ways to makerepparttar bamboo tea. One way is to fill processed (killing out and kneading and rolling) young tea leaves (one bud and two and three leaves) into a bamboo tube, and bake it on fire. The other way is to steam sun-dried tea leaves on top of sticky rice for 15 minutes, then fill tea leaves into a bamboo tube. Bakerepparttar 135404 tube while filling and compressing leaves into it. Afterrepparttar 135405 tube is full, sealrepparttar 135406 tube with bamboo leaves and bake it on fire. Turnrepparttar 135407 tube every 5 minutes tillrepparttar 135408 tube turns into yellowish color andrepparttar 135409 leaves inside it are dry. Cut openrepparttar 135410 tube, andrepparttar 135411 bamboo tea is done.

The Wine and Green Mushroom Caper

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

(a day inrepparttar life of a vintner)

We were really looking forward to our visit with Andy and Gwen. Old college buddies, while I choserepparttar 135346 medical profession, Andy chose sales. After a few years, Andy joined a wine distributor and eventually evolved into a master vintner. He is semi retired now, but as we reached his villa on a high hill in Napa, California, all we could see were grape vines twisting gracefully along rows fading off intorepparttar 135347 horizon. He certainly still had his hand in it.

We visited all morning while downing several glasses of a variety of wines that Andy had produced and tinkered with.

Finally I excused myself to findrepparttar 135348 bathroom. Jill directed me downrepparttar 135349 hall, torepparttar 135350 right, third door onrepparttar 135351 right. Light switch onrepparttar 135352 left. Being a bit tipsy, I did manage to findrepparttar 135353 bathroom, but onrepparttar 135354 way out, turnedrepparttar 135355 wrong way into another hall.

There before me wasrepparttar 135356 master suite. As I peeked in, I noticed what appeared to be a giant green mushroom growing right inrepparttar 135357 middle ofrepparttar 135358 bedroom. Backing away, I weighed whether should mention it, citing my error in directions; or not, for fear of being thought a snoop. But my find was just too strange and my semi inebriated brain had no control over my mouth. As I reachedrepparttar 135359 doorway ofrepparttar 135360 sitting room I spontaneously blurted “why are you growing a giant green mushroom in your bedroom?”

Andy and Jill exchanged puzzled glances, and then glanced back at me. Their faces both changed to horror at aboutrepparttar 135361 same time. They leapt from their chairs and dashed downrepparttar 135362 hall. We followed close behind wondering if I had just stumbled into an alien nation or something.

It wasrepparttar 135363 waterbed. Andy had attached a garden hose to fill it sometime just before we arrived, and had completely forgotten about it.

By this timerepparttar 135364 bed had swollen torepparttar 135365 size of a giant blimp. The wooden stays onrepparttar 135366 bed separated and pulled apart. The sheetrock was cracking underrepparttar 135367 sideways expansion intorepparttar 135368 wall. The nails inrepparttar 135369 bed must have been finally exposed, becauserepparttar 135370 bed material suddenly gave way to a huge popping sound and water began to run everywhere. It quickly saturatedrepparttar 135371 carpets and flowed downrepparttar 135372 hall. Water began to leak torepparttar 135373 lower floors. There wasn’t much we could do but watch in dismay. Andy raced downstairs and we were quick to follow. Sure enough,repparttar 135374 water continued its downward path clear torepparttar 135375 basement.

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