DVD The Ultimate Consumer Digital Media

Written by Jay Corrao

Digital Video Disc or as it is sometimes referred to Digital Versatile Disc (DVD) has forrepparttar last several years been Hollywood’s primary mass video distribution medium; and with good reason. This inexpensive, compact media delivers excellent video and audio quality. This same media has also becomerepparttar 145083 preferred medium for many multi-media professionals and audiophiles. Technological advancement and availability have pushed this media intorepparttar 145084 consumer market for a number of reasons and its use and popularity will only increase over time. I will attempt to highlight some ofrepparttar 145085 advantages this medium offers. This article is only intended to be an introduction to this incredibly diverse digital media and not to be considered a technical thesis.

The video quality of DVD is superb; offering greater resolution, more vivid color and higher contrast than VHS tape. DVD Video also allows for a number of features simply not available on VHS tape such as on-screen menus, chapters, and sub-chapters that allow for easy navigation. Multi-speed fast forward and rewind, multi-language support, multiple camera angles and a number of other enhancements too numerous to mention here.

DVD audio quality is excellent surpassing that of Compact Disc (CD) with a sample rate of 24 bits and a frequency response of 192 KHz which is several times greater thanrepparttar 145086 CD specification. Not to mention thatrepparttar 145087 DVD specification supports multi-channel Surround Sound. It a nutshell DVD audio delivers a more high fidelity audio experience. Although CD is still more widely used for audio, as technology progressesrepparttar 145088 DVD will likely becomerepparttar 145089 dominant media.

Seeing Sound: VJs Create Music Videos in 3D

Written by Scott G (The G-Man)

You've heard of DJs, now meetrepparttar VJ, or video jockey,repparttar 145043 newest creative force in music videos, metropolitan night clubs and pop music festivals. Inrepparttar 145044 '70s, VJs ran film clips and projector slides, but today's VJ is a live performer who triggers video files in laptop computers using newly-created software to spontaneously create imagery that appears to be in three dimensions.

There are cosmic blue 3D stars that explode, neon-bright planets that implode, and pulsating patterns that can hypnotize you, and that's just inrepparttar 145045 first minute ofrepparttar 145046 new VJ Sound Brew video for "Squealorama," a track from my SONIC TONIC album.

"Welcome torepparttar 145047 world's newest art form," says John Brewington, who performs as VJ Sound Brew. "We have live integration of computer created designs andrepparttar 145048 audio from a song. It means spontaneous creativity," he continued. "One ofrepparttar 145049 newest examples is inrepparttar 145050 music video for 'Squealorama'."

Performed live,repparttar 145051 video for 'Squealorama' is a high-tech blend of 3D laser and computer imagery that takes viewers on a visual journey to outer and inner space.

Using a software program, Zuma, from a company called 3DMaxMedia, Brewington creates 3D objects live asrepparttar 145052 song is played. "Today's VJ can express himself like a painter and a sculptor, withrepparttar 145053 added excitement of real-time interaction. And when I perform this in a club, I can take inrepparttar 145054 crowd reaction and make an entirely new video to 'Squealorama' or any other song." This flexibility means every performance by VJ Sound Brew is unique.

Other artists are turning to VJs to augment their live or recorded performances, including pop group *NSYNC, progressive rockers Yes, and trance artist John Laraio, known as Mobius 8.

The real-time graphics capability of Zuma enables Mobius 8 to render audio as visual motion, utilizing 3D imagery, video and lasers.

Up to now, VJs have stayed with very mainstream choices of music. "The 'Squealorama' song is controversial," states Brian Forest, Vice President of G-Man Music & Radical Radio, "because of its 15 pauses duringrepparttar 145055 last two minutes, during which dancers freeze in position up against their partners. Now,repparttar 145056 song is finding an even bigger audience onrepparttar 145057 Internet because ofrepparttar 145058 eye-popping visuals inrepparttar 145059 VJ Sound Brew music video," Forest added.

"Music is actually made visual by VJ Sound Brew," Forest says, "with magical shimmering patterns, hip hypnotic formations, stalactites and stalagmites that shoot out at you, quasars, comets, black holes, and a constantly moving matrix of incandescent anti-matter."

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