DVD Backup Made Easy

Written by Emil Malmberg

If you are running backups on a regular basis, you have probably come acrossrepparttar problem that CDRs or CDRWs are simply to small for some backups. While you could split your backups to multiple CDs, this is not a very good solution if you have to backup 10GBs of data. The solution to this problem is to use DVDRs or DVDRWs instead. Since a DVD can easily store as much as 7 CDs, you could backup 5 to 10 GBs to a single DVD with a little compression. Using DVDs instead of CDs will speed up large backups considerably and will also greatly simplify storage.

Compression In order to userepparttar 107843 DVD media more efficiently you will probably want to compress your backup before writing it torepparttar 107844 DVD. Compression can often reducerepparttar 107845 size of a backup by 50% or more, doublingrepparttar 107846 capacity of your DVDs. A DVDR can usually store 4.7GBs of data and with compression you should be able to store about 10GBs on a single DVD. If you have ever tried to compress a 10GB file you probably know that this will take a lot of time. If you have a 20GB harddrive you might also have a problem storingrepparttar 107847 temporary uncompressed backup file. Since WinBackup compresses files on-the-fly backup operations are performed considerably faster. The built-in compression also reducesrepparttar 107848 need for a large temporary storage location and makes it much easier to run large backups to DVD-R or DVD-RW.

Encryption When storing backups on CDs or DVDs, security can easily become a problem. Since DVDs can easily get lost or even stolen, you need to protect your backups from unauthorized access by using some kind of password protection or even encryption. A backup often contains emails, important documents and other sensitive information. In fact, if you backup your entire harddrive, your backup could even contain passwords to computers and websites. WinBackup allows you to password protect and encrypt your backups with up to 256 bit encryption, making it virtually impossible for anyone withoutrepparttar 107849 correct password to access your files. Since encryption can be performed automatically on all backups you do not need to worry about security every time to save a backup to DVD.

See How To Revive A Dead Computer

Written by otis cooper

Its not something we like to think about but your computer will fail, if you keep it long enough.It may be a simple problem,such asrepparttar floppy drive not readingrepparttar 107842 disk to a major system crash.

Because computers are run by operators,User Error is repparttar 107843 most common cause of computer malfunction.When repparttar 107844 user is atrepparttar 107845 computer,he or she may add or delete certain files.Or he/she may remove or exchange certain hardware features.

When we look at user error,we must remember that since we're human,the user error may be easy to solve by simply askingrepparttar 107846 last user if he/she installed any software,re-configured any software or hardware settings,etc.

A large percentage of computer malfunctions are due to environmental factors such as power surges caused by lightning, resulting in overvoltage.

Another cause for failure may be room temperature being too high or low,as well as dust,dirt,or sunlight. If you're in business and heavily dependent on your computers,such fators as room temperature,sunlight and protection against power surges is ofrepparttar 107847 utmost importance and simply cannot be overlooked.

The most common pc problem is when you can't access your PC at all.When you turn onrepparttar 107848 power switch,NOTHING HAPPENS.

Here is a quick checklist of troublshooting procedures you should follow if you encounter this problem .We also have videos you can download fromrepparttar 107849 Internet should you need assistance in just how to perform these procedures:

Tryrepparttar 107850 Power Switch a second or third time.If nothing happens..

Checkrepparttar 107851 wall outlet for power.Ifrepparttar 107852 outlet has power.

Checkrepparttar 107853 power cord itself from wall to computer. http://www.ultimatepcrepair.com/files/outlet.mpg

Checkrepparttar 107854 Power Supply insiderepparttar 107855 System Unit. http://www.ultimatepcrepair.com/files/powt.mpg

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