DS3 Price Trends

Written by Michael Lemm

Like most telecommunications services DS3 prices (commonly known as T3) have been falling forrepparttar last few years. This is due to several factors. Competition has been heating up since deregulation in 1996. The number of companies offering DS3 service has exploded. With more competition inrepparttar 141092 marketplace service providers have to reduce their DS3 prices to attract customers and keep them from going to competitors. DS3 service providers are desperate to keep margins but even more desperate to keep adding customers. This competetive arena has created a buyers market for DS3 lines and pricing is as favorable as it has ever been!

The soft economy and crash ofrepparttar 141093 stock market has also contributed torepparttar 141094 reduction in DS3 prices. Sincerepparttar 141095 peak ofrepparttar 141096 market in 1999 many companies have gone out of business and no longer require service. This means there's a smaller pie available and there are plenty of telecom providers trying to get their share. Once again,repparttar 141097 buyer is in control and can shop until he or she findsrepparttar 141098 price that is right for them.

Spyware is not like a nosy neighbor...

Written by Daviyd Peterson

Spyware is not like a nosy neighbor...

Rememberrepparttar television show aboutrepparttar 141073 nosy neighbor Mrs. Kravitz always peeking out her window or overrepparttar 141074 fence, sometimes even knocking onrepparttar 141075 door just to find out what was going on in her neighborhood? If you don't wait a month or so andrepparttar 141076 DVD orrepparttar 141077 movie will be out. Let's move on.

Spyware is not anything like Mrs. Kravitz, it won't knock onrepparttar 141078 door and ask permission to be downloaded to your computer and look at your personal files. It will slip onto your computer without you knowing what's going on while you browserepparttar 141079 Internet, check your email or just leave your computer connected torepparttar 141080 broadband connection. Don't go yanking that Internet connection yet, there is an easier way to prevent this from happening.

Understand that spyware is just that - software spying on your computer without permission and without your knowledge. Unfortunately for everyone a lot of people are using it and try to jsutify that it's okay. I just want to know that if it's okay, them why don't you just ask me to tell you - no I don't want my information, shopping habits, sites I've searched for information or anything else on my computer being sent to you to use anyway you see fit. I have a problem with that and so doesrepparttar 141081 rest ofrepparttar 141082 world, which is one ofrepparttar 141083 reasons why spyware exists.

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