DO and DON'T DO "Money Making Guidelines" For Home Business Entrepreneurs

Written by David Lowenstein

Making Money Online - DO and DON'T DO Guidelines

Confused..? Too much data to cope with..? Know nothing (or, very little..) About how, for "heaven sakes", computers "talk" and how to "answer" Them, read on...

I knew absolutely nothing, nada, zero. Just like you, I started surfing, And here arerepparttar DON'T DO which I did -

 Got Registered to numerous "tempting" (get rich quickly) programs.  Inserted my Primary Email everywhere.  Downloaded various ebooks, which I didn't even know how to open...  Got registered to a long list of safelists (what exactly did I have to offer?..)  Had so many affiliate accounts that I forgot my usernames and passwords..  Immediately opened an account with Paypal.  Easily purchased low cost (up to $12.99) software/programs etc.

Most people just join an affiliate program or two (or more..), buy an eBook here and there and get really excited about allrepparttar 117290 money that can be made onrepparttar 117291 Internet, but then just end up spinning their wheels because they don't know where to start and neglect to develop and follow a consistent marketing plan.

Does it sound familiar..? That's O.K., most of us have been there. Learn from Other people's mistakes and STOP wasting your time and money. NEVER EVER let yourself get tempted to join numerous programs! NEVER EVER Join anyone claiming one ofrepparttar 117292 following phrases: "Make $4820 a month Starting next month" / "We will place 2 under you and you'll make $100 A day" / "All you have to do in join, upgrade and sit back, we will do all The work for you" / "Just Pay $5/10/20 and you'll get a cash machine of Your own" - IT NEVER EVER WORKS!

Here is what you should DO:

 Become an affiliate with a maximum of Two programs, No More!  Chose these businesses/programs carefully, remember, you expect Them to send you money!  Go for a "value" program. "Value" means: - You are not required to handle any programming (html, uploads Downloads, banners etc.). They do everything for you. - It is a long-established and solid program/business. Takerepparttar 117293 time To read testimonials! - They tell yourepparttar 117294 TRUTH!, meaning, it takes time, consistency And work to make money. - Pay you a fair commission, minimum 25%. - Offer you to JOIN FREE and learn first prior to making a decision Whether to join as a full member, meaning, they have NOTHING TO HIDE! - Offer you marketing assistance and guidance, i.e., tutorials, Courses, co-op advertising programs, Free value products You can offer others. - Supporting you either by a responsive support team or, by A personal contact manager.

"Home Based Businesses - Heaven or Health Hazard? What You Don't Know

Written by Paul Upp

My name is Paul Upp. After commuting for 2 to 3 hours per day forrepparttar past 13 years I finally realized one of my lifelong dreams…. an opportunity to work from home. I now had more time with my loved ones. The ‘honey do list’ was now getting shorter rather than only growing impossibly longer. The dog would no longer growl at me as though I was a stranger. This was great.

I set up my office with a nice view ofrepparttar 117289 garden. I scheduled my time so as to maximize my effectiveness. And I started to read quite a bit of material on working from home. My next goal was to bring my wife Tami, home as well. I was truly having a great time.

And then POW!

I came across an article referencing a National Cancer Institute study that found that people working from home had a 54% greater risk of cancer than those working outsiderepparttar 117290 home. It was absolutely amazing to me thatrepparttar 117291 energy efficiency of today’s homes coupled withrepparttar 117292 high toxicity of a huge number of our household products has us living in a toxic time bomb. To make matters even worse I now find out that numerous studies have linked asthma, headaches and even learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD with exposure to toxic chemicals.

Well now I am really angry. We have a child with learning disabilities and as a parent, one starts questioning everything they have done and everything they could have done differently.

But I think what angers merepparttar 117293 most isrepparttar 117294 realization that somewhere along I “sold out”. Inrepparttar 117295 sixties and seventies I was totally against big business and their constant focus on profits atrepparttar 117296 expense of consumer health and safety. But somewhere alongrepparttar 117297 line I fell intorepparttar 117298 role of a typical consumer. I would go torepparttar 117299 store and buy products with a total ignorance and blindness as to what I could be doing to my family, our environment and myself.

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