Written by Joseph Rooney


Hi All, I do hope this message finds you all well - I have a few quick and simple philosophies I want to share with you all today and I do hope you remember them and use them in your everyday lives.

So often i see people miserably complain about their day Jobs or particular life chores, they cant seem to see any light atrepparttar end ofrepparttar 138012 tunnel and just rock along each and everyday doingrepparttar 138013 same boring depressing activities that originally caused them to be depressed and bored inrepparttar 138014 first place its almost like they have excepted in their brain that this is justrepparttar 138015 way life is for everybody and in turn isrepparttar 138016 same for them, I think you know what i mean here and i also know for a fact that all of you including myself have experienced this feeling and to somewhat still do from time to time.

But whatrepparttar 138017 masses of people donít realise is that all this can be completely transformed and changed around to a positive so that you donít feel bored and depressed and sick torepparttar 138018 teeth withrepparttar 138019 hateful partner next to at your JOB that puts you in a bad mood and depresses you by infecting you with his negative cynical comments and behaviours. ______________________________________________________________ REMEMBER JUST AS EXCITEMENT IS CONTAGIOUS - SO IS NEGATIVITY ______________________________________________________________ I once heard a great saying and it went like this FOR THINGS TO CHANGE FOR YOU - YOU MUST CHANGE;

Donít expectrepparttar 138020 government to change or your boss to get more generous - Because you could have a very long wait :) ________________________________________________________________ Donít expect an apple tree to produce pears it will never happen ________________________________________________________________ I think you may be smiling by now and i hope you also see where I am going people, if you want to make a change in your life today you have got to understand that its up to you nobody has ever knocked on my door with a business opportunity or offered to pay my bills and id safely bet no one has ever knocked on your door and offered you these options either.


Written by Joseph Rooney

Hi All,

This could berepparttar most important email you'll ever read with respect to your Network Marketing Business.

Just imagine for a second in your Network Marketing business that you set a goal to sponsor at least 1 new Distributor a month (very conservative & attainable) and thought everyone whoís serious in your downline to dorepparttar 138011 same just get 1 New Distributor a month - Now Imagine for a second what that would do for your business, your business size of Distributors would multiple by 2 each month :) thatís pretty conservative and in my opinion very attainable just aiming to get 1 new Distributor enrolled per month would significantly increase your commission cheque which of course isrepparttar 138012 ultimate goal you should be striving for..

Hereís a few examples lets say you had 5 Distributors in your downline who each sponsored just 1 new Distributor this month then that would leave you with 10 active Distributors next month and 20repparttar 138013 following month and 40repparttar 138014 following month - you see what I mean now as I said this is very conservative and of course very - very attainable just imagine having 30 to 40 Distributors in your downline & growing monthly thatís a healthy car payment or a significant part of your mortgage paid for each month plus its residual and does not include perhapsrepparttar 138015 leadership bonuses of your company may be paying out for building a downline

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