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Then you qualify to hire an investment attorney. Why should I hire an investment attorney, you ask? Good question. The simple answer is that they are best qualified to find and analyze real estate deals and unusual investments.

As you know,repparttar goal of any investment is to buy low and sell high. However, for various reasons many people don’t follow this simple plan. If this describes you, then all you have to do to change is to make a commitment today, and start again.

REAL ESTATE – more people have become millionaires through investing in real estate than through any other investment. Real estate can be boughtrepparttar 119238 normal way, or through probate (two ways to do this), and through tax liens or tax certificates. Everyone is familiar withrepparttar 119239 first way to buy real estate so I won’t discuss it any further.

Real estate can be bought from probate estates in two ways. One is at auction andrepparttar 119240 other is before it goes to auction. Any and all kinds of real estate are sold every year in probate. Homes, commercial and industrial properties, as well as vacant land. Generally speaking, properties sold at auction tend to be sold at or aboverepparttar 119241 market price. Which means this is notrepparttar 119242 kind of deal you want to invest in.

Sorepparttar 119243 goal is to buy properties in probate before they go up to auction. However, that isrepparttar 119244 hard part. Every state has their own rules of procedure and laws that govern such sales. Plus, general real estate laws are different in every state. Further, there is no such thing as a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for probate properties. Which means thatrepparttar 119245 attorney spends a good amount of time to locate properties for his client.

It is common for investors to make a 25 to 40 percent return on their investment using this method. However, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Tax liens and tax certificates are two ways that various states may sell real estate if their local, county, and or state taxes are not paid. Again, every state’s rules are going to be different on how such sales are conducted. For example,repparttar 119246 amount of time thatrepparttar 119247 owner has to redeem (buy back) his property will vary. As well asrepparttar 119248 amount of interest each state paysrepparttar 119249 investor for his money that went towards payingrepparttar 119250 back taxes.

So while a client can indeed place an “order” with his investment attorney for a property that he would like to buy, it does take time to locaterepparttar 119251 properties, attendrepparttar 119252 auctions, work through any legal issues affectingrepparttar 119253 title, and ejecting any tenants that have no right to be inrepparttar 119254 home any longer.

Tractor Trailer Underride Accidents.

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What is a Tractor Trailer Underride Accident?

Tractor-Trailer underride accidents occur when a passenger vehicle, usuallyrepparttar front ofrepparttar 119237 passenger vehicle, enters belowrepparttar 119238 base ofrepparttar 119239 trailer of a large truck (e.g., 18-wheeler). This is particularly possible with small family passenger cars (as opposed to a mini-van or SUV). Unfortunately,repparttar 119240 height ofrepparttar 119241 front ofrepparttar 119242 car is insufficient to contactrepparttar 119243 bed ofrepparttar 119244 truck, often 10 to 20 inches belowrepparttar 119245 bed ofrepparttar 119246 truck. This putsrepparttar 119247 bed ofrepparttar 119248 truck right atrepparttar 119249 head-chest level ofrepparttar 119250 passengers withinrepparttar 119251 car. Injuries in these accidents tend to be catastrophic, if not fatal.

Why doesn'trepparttar 119252 driver just slow down to prevent an underride accident?

A tractor-trailer truck is pretty big... so why doesn'trepparttar 119253 car driver seerepparttar 119254 tractor trailer in time to prevent a underride accident?

Unfortunately, perception and reality meet too late in these circumstances. Oftenrepparttar 119255 driver is fooled into thinking thatrepparttar 119256 roadway is clear. Simply,repparttar 119257 passenger car driver does not have adequate warning ofrepparttar 119258 impending trailer underride danger.

What is being done to improve driver perception or trailer safety?

Since 1993, trucks must have a special type of reflective tape onrepparttar 119259 rear and sides ofrepparttar 119260 trailer. Since 1996, trucks must also be equiped with a rear underride guard (strong metal structure) at a height of 22 inches aboverepparttar 119261 ground, so that it will easily come in contact withrepparttar 119262 engine block of a small car, and thus preventrepparttar 119263 car from underridingrepparttar 119264 bed ofrepparttar 119265 tractor truck trailer. However, it is sad news that many trucks have not been retrofitted. Thus, many tractor trailer trucks manufactured before 1996 are onrepparttar 119266 road without these two critical safety features. In addition, even ones that have had these features installed may have insufficient protective qualities, such as an inadequate amount of reflective material or a rear underride guard that is too weak to prevent underride ofrepparttar 119267 passenger vehicle.

What are other factors that play into a rear underride accident

Weather. Especially fog, snow, or rain that reducesrepparttar 119268 distance of visibility. Fog and snow are a huge problem, since they often maskrepparttar 119269 grey or white color of many trucks.

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