Written by Rich Brunelle


Overrepparttar past year I have often joked that Search Engines dictating how web sites are built. And, now I look at it with less and less humor. Doesn't anyone else have concerns about this? Web Site Owners are paying Webmasters a small fortune in pursuit of high Search Engine Rankings. Search Engines have a penalization process for web sites not in compliance with their dictates. And, withrepparttar 136058 exception ofrepparttar 136059 benefit of keeping a lot of people employed I see less and less ofrepparttar 136060 Search Engine dictates as fair and reasonable.

Countries world wide fought againstrepparttar 136061 Microsoft monopoly. Citizens in this country do not often tolerate anyone controlling their conduct in any way. But, world wide it seems as though everyone is jumping to follow Search Engine Dictatorships. And do so without concern forrepparttar 136062 fact that these dictatorships may be responsible for negative impact upon income and/or business success.

Have we become such sheep that we allow ourselves to be herded by corporations that dictate how we must conduct ourselves to make them money? Even web sites that are non-comformative to government are comformative to Search Engines dictates. I mean, isn't it ridiculous to allow a Search Engine to have so much control?

Compare a Search Engine torepparttar 136063 Telephone Book. The Phone Company lists everyone business that wants to be listed in their Yellow Pages. And if you haverepparttar 136064 cash, you can get an enhanced listing. It's pretty standard. Everybody gets at leastrepparttar 136065 basic listing, alphabetically. Nobody is denied a listing because of association, non-conformity, or product line. But do you realize that you can be penalized and even blocked from holding a listing by a Search Engine? Do you realize thatrepparttar 136066 Search Engines dictate how many links, whatrepparttar 136067 content is supposed to be, and how many times you can say certain words? Search Engines regulate how soon your site will be listed,repparttar 136068 quanity and quality of your linkage, and who can even link to your site. Even more disturbing than all ofrepparttar 136069 preceeding isrepparttar 136070 way that Search Engines determinerepparttar 136071 relivance of a web site and rank you web site listing by their criteria.

Face it, werepparttar 136072 Internet public are not only lazy, but we aren't too bright either. If we weren't a little onrepparttar 136073 dim side and so lazy, would we really confine our use ofrepparttar 136074 searches torepparttar 136075 first three pages of results? If we arerepparttar 136076 intelligent and value concious people we claim to be, wouldn't we select fromrepparttar 136077 results by looking at a few ofrepparttar 136078 top, then a few inrepparttar 136079 middle, followed by a few atrepparttar 136080 end? Are we so stupid that we cannot see that we are missing out on real opportunities and great deals by not looking over a broader selection ofrepparttar 136081 search result? Do you really think a company's product or customer service quality has any relation to its Google page Rank?

The Power of Topical Search Engines

Written by S. Housley

What are Topical Search Engines? Simply put, topical search engines are search engines focused on a specific industry, sector or topic.

While many marketers are scrambling for links, any links, an area that is often overlooked is topic-specific search engines. What many don't realize is that these engines do produce traffic, and they often contain traffic that is very targeted. Anyone who has takenrepparttar time to analyze weblogs and track sales sources will likely see that targeted traffic converts at a significantly higher rate than non-targeted traffic.

A savvy online marketer realizes that often,repparttar 135691 quality ofrepparttar 135692 visitor is far more important thanrepparttar 135693 quantity of visitors. Web marketers should focus their energies on attracting targeted traffic whenever possible.

For example, if you sell saddles, advertising on a site related to horses or advertising on a topical search engine like will bring significantly more sales than advertising on a generic web site or search engine.

Niche engines are considerably smaller than general search engines but they can still be quite lucrative. The small size of a niche or topic-specific engine ensures thatrepparttar 135694 there are few competitors, and advertisers are generally willing to pay a little more forrepparttar 135695 focused traffic. Advertisers appreciaterepparttar 135696 unique benefit of reaching a very targeted audience who have a higher likelihood of purchasing their product or service. As a result, topic-specific search engines and directories are a burgeoning market. There is far less competition in niche directories and dominating a specific market segment and establishing brand recognition is significantly easier.

It is virtual suicide to attempt to compete withrepparttar 135697 behemoth search engines like Google. Web-surfers are interested in simplicity and efficiency, which translates to as few clicks as possible. This is an area where Google really cannot compete with a topic-specific search engine. Creating a simple, clear navigational structure of related content while cross-promoting related products or services will increaserepparttar 135698 site's value.

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