Written by Shery Ma Belle Arrieta

Duringrepparttar last week of January, I set my promotional plan to action. I contacted a few e-zine publishers and asked if they'd be interested in doing a cooperative venture with me.

The cooperative venture? A customized version of a free e-mail workshop I created to promote my e-book. Inrepparttar 125115 customized version,repparttar 125116 e-zine publishers arerepparttar 125117 "sponsors" andrepparttar 125118 links inrepparttar 125119 workshop pointing to my e-book's sales page are their referral links. I'm sellingrepparttar 125120 e-book through Clickbank so if they promotedrepparttar 125121 customized version of my e-mail workshop to their subscribers,repparttar 125122 publishers earn when their subscribers purchase my e-book through their links.

While I was writing my introduction letter and offer, I realized no matter how hard I promote anything onrepparttar 125123 Internet, I won't getrepparttar 125124 kind of results I want unless I ask other people's help.

I'm a shy person by nature. I'm an introvert and I never go to parties or any social gatherings. Other than speaking at (very selected) events and conducting face to face workshops every other month or so, you won't catch me out of my home office. Although I do consultancy work for an international organization, I work right from home and only go out when absolutely necessary. And when I do go out,repparttar 125125 neighbors end up asking my mother about her house guest. My mother would say, "She isn't a guest. She's my eldest daughter."

Be Human Online

Written by Shannan Hearne-Fortner

How hard is it really to be human online? If you ran a brick and mortar business, wouldn't you be personable and friendly to everyone who visited your store? Why should you be any different with your e-store?

It is so easy to hide behindrepparttar internet store front and remain nameless and faceless. But it isn't prudent.

Take some time to walk outrepparttar 125114 front door of your e-business occasionally, too. Rememberrepparttar 125115 green grocer sweeping his store steps? You should dorepparttar 125116 same. Visit with people online who are part of your same community. Communicate through email, networking, even making phone calls. Get out of your store and into your neighborhood! Be human online.

It is so easy to not be human when doing e-business. And it costs you so much business not to be human.

The next time you read an article or observe a discussion online jot down a note or send an email torepparttar 125117 author orrepparttar 125118 participants orrepparttar 125119 subject ofrepparttar 125120 discussion. Tell them whyrepparttar 125121 information was of value to you, and even venture out to ask them some questions. If you write articles yourself, ask permission to quoterepparttar 125122 individual or even do an interview. Flattery in its most honest form will still take you far!

When you take a human approach to reaching people online, you get huge results. Very often, these same people who previously seemed so unattainable will visit your site, make comments, and even ask to publish or quote you and your content. With, of course, a link back to your site.

What did you invest inrepparttar 125123 contact? A few minutes. Twenty tops?

A perfect example is my dear friend Jan Crowell. Jan, who lives thousands of miles away from me, saw some of my posts on an email list and took a moment to get in touch with me directly. That was five years ago! She has been with me through infancy of as well as my youngest child. We have shared successes, failures, ideas, and a wonderful friendship. All because she took a moment to make a human contact with me. I'm pleased to have a wonderful review of a product Jan introduced me to on my web site. Jan has probably earned more sales of this product for me than I have done myself.

Jan has also donerepparttar 125124 lion's share ofrepparttar 125125 design work for my site. Not to mention, my logo! She put forth a little effort to get in touch with me. And got a friend and customer for life. (And I don't know what I would do without her) Byrepparttar 125126 way, you can email Jan at

When you become human online, and network accordingly, you create not only to traffic, but something even more valuable - credibility amongst people who in turn have important contacts and credibility with a broad audience.

There is a belief that everyone is connected to everyone else inrepparttar 125127 world by no more than six outward circles of personal connections. And that was BEFORErepparttar 125128 internet. I have a personal contact base of people in over 14 countries. And my client base is wider than that.

So how do you make these personal connections?

Send email. Write letters. Ask permission to do interviews for articles. Write and tell authors how much and why you enjoyed their articles. Share your own tidbits of information with people.

I use a customer relationship management software program called GoldMine (TM). Other similar products include Outlook Express (TM) and ACT (TM). GoldMine helps me keep track of who I know, who they know, what people's interests are, how I can be of help to them, and maintains records of allrepparttar 125129 historical data of previous contacts with each of them. So when I get a new customer who has a similar niche market to a customer from three years ago, I can make electronic introductions and help two otherwise strangers do joint promotions. Thereby building further each one's personal contact base.

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