DNA Paternity- To Test at Home or Not

Written by Mark Jackson

Many people preferrepparttar “home” DNA testing kits for reasons of privacy and because they are usually less expensive, since they do not involve making an appointment at a laboratory, or any associated travel costs. However, depending onrepparttar 150639 reason you are seeking a DNA paternity test, you may wish to reconsider usingrepparttar 150640 home test kit.

Home kits containrepparttar 150641 exact same collection tools, as are used at a lab, andrepparttar 150642 results will be processed inrepparttar 150643 same way. But not all labs are accredited for processing DNA paternity tests. This means their results are not considered confirmed, and would not be usable as legal evidence.

Laboratories accredited byrepparttar 150644 AABB (American Association of Blood Banks), must undergo a strictly supervised testing of their methods and results, to determine if they are accurate, and done properly. These labs also take part in proficiency tests and must be re-inspected on an annual basis.

Alcohol: When Enough is Enough

Written by David Westbrook

Though there is still some debate aboutrepparttar nature of alcoholism, most professionals now understand it to be a chronic and sometimes fatal disease, likely with a genetic component. Inrepparttar 150638 definition adopted byrepparttar 150639 National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, alcoholism is characterized by “impaired control over dinking…and distortions in thinking, most notably denial.” What this means for alcoholics is that they are frequently unable to makerepparttar 150640 decision to stop drinking without help from others.

Unfortunately, alcoholics have frequently engaged family member to make excuses and cover up for them. After prolonged and repeated excuse making many family members have a hard time facing up torepparttar 150641 fact that they have been part ofrepparttar 150642 problem. The first step to getting an alcoholic help is for family members to stop making excuses. Calling in sick for a husband or wife who has a hangover, cleaning up after their drunken messes, hidingrepparttar 150643 problem from other family members and dozens of other behaviors are all ways in which well intentioned families just make it worse.

Once, one or more family members have developed an awareness ofrepparttar 150644 problem and ceased any enabling behaviors they may have been engaged in it’s time to intervene. An opportune time to talk to a person about their disease may come shortly after an alcohol related problem has occurred--like a serious family argument or an accident. However, waiting to discussrepparttar 150645 problem can also have drastic consequences, so ifrepparttar 150646 person’s behavior is destructive don’t delay. Choose a time whenrepparttar 150647 person is sober and there aren’t other distractions.

One thing people often worry about is what to say. Tell your loved one that you are worried about his or her drinking. Sharing that you’ve read that alcoholism is a disease can help disarmrepparttar 150648 person and allow them to not feel defensive. This can reducerepparttar 150649 likelihood of an argument. Explain torepparttar 150650 person what problems you see their drinking causing for them, as well as, how it’s a problem for you.

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