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Part 1. Wordtracker for keywords.

A problem for all new webmasters has always been SEO or search engine optimisation.

The problem starts withrepparttar age-old question of how do I design my website so people can find it?

Lets assume that you have an idea for a website that will enable you to make a bit of extra cash, you have a product of your own or you have an affiliation you believe in and you want to make sure thatrepparttar 138624 people searching for your product will find your site over your competitors.

How do you start?

Step 1


Findingrepparttar 138625 right keywords for your product is vital,repparttar 138626 right keywords on your site will meanrepparttar 138627 difference between being found and not being found. How do we find these keywords and how do we use them?

First stop is a visit to

Usingrepparttar 138628 trial version should be enough.

Letís say that you sell widgets, type widget intorepparttar 138629 box and you will get this;

1. widget

2. apple

3. Apple

4. widgets

5. synastry

6. Macintosh

7. security

Clicking onrepparttar 138630 word widget onrepparttar 138631 top of this list will bring up another list that containsrepparttar 138632 word widget.

Lets take a look atrepparttar 138633 top 5 on that list.

Keyword Count Predict Dig

widget 154 132

widgets 120 103

widgetrepparttar 138634 world watcher 26 22

desktop widgets 22 19

definition for a widget 19 16

Are you Failing to Attract Traffic to Web Site - Www.My-Beloved-Site.Com?

Written by Graeme Sprigge

Do you knowrepparttar two biggest reasons for lack of traffic to your product site or affiliate site?

Is it competetion? Is itrepparttar 138574 crazy search engine algorithms?

It's neither of these things! The 2 biggest reasons are:

1) You have a lack of knowledge - I'm sorry to be blunt 2) You are not usingrepparttar 138575 right tools

This should actually make you feel better for a moment - because now you can logically do something about it rather than "spinning your wheels"

Let's assume you are at point a and you want to get to point b.

Getting there requires a map. The map is basically a traffic plan.

Sorepparttar 138576 first step is to have a definite traffic plan and then DOrepparttar 138577 plan.

The second step is utilize additional tools to 'turbocharge' your plan.

These two techniques combined will attract traffic to website - real traffic, targetted traffic and ongoing traffic.

To build a real traffic pulling site requires persistence and technology. Combinerepparttar 138578 two and you WILL attract traffic to your site.

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