Written by Heather Reimer

Hello, my name is Jill and I'm a work-at-home-aholic.

All my life, I've worked in offices or restaurants or other places far from home. Now, forrepparttar first time, I am telecommuting. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it. Here is my diary:

Week one: Bliss. Peace. Self-contained, self-sufficient. I have all I need right here in my home. I never again have to run forrepparttar 117628 6:30 a.m. bus. I never have to return torepparttar 117629 cube farm. This isrepparttar 117630 day I've been dreaming of. Did I mentionrepparttar 117631 quiet? No interruptions. The cat is beside me andrepparttar 117632 only sounds inrepparttar 117633 room are purring and keyboard tapping. Sigh.

Week two: What is happening? Why won't anybody help me? Am I invisible? My PC crashes every hour. The techno- wizards back atrepparttar 117634 office keep ignoring my panic-stricken e-mails. I've scouredrepparttar 117635 web for an answer. I've gone onrepparttar 117636 message boards and pickedrepparttar 117637 brains of complete strangers. And stillrepparttar 117638 crashing continues. The cat cannot help. The mailman cannot help. The noisy guy in repparttar 117639 apartment upstairs cannot help. I am ALL alone.

Week three: Today, forrepparttar 117640 first time, I fell victim to work-at-home sloth. Wrote all day in my bra and fat-day sweat pants. Didn't wash my hair. Brushed teeth at 5 pm. Who cares? I'm self-contained. Self-sufficient. Nearly invisible.

Instant Success or Gradual Improvement?

Written by Michael Southon

We live in a culture of instant success.

This is especially so onrepparttar Internet. Everyone wants to become an 'Overnight Millionaire', 'Retire Quickly', 'Get Rich Quick', and so on.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work - except in rare cases.

But here's a system that does work - it's called evolution or Gradual Improvement and Nature has been doing it for millions of years.

Nature operates through trial and error. It's constantly experimenting, testing. Each generation produces new mutations. Some succeed, some don't. Those that succeed becomerepparttar 117627 basis forrepparttar 117628 next advance, and so on.

And that's alsorepparttar 117629 secret of successful web marketers - trial and error. They constantly test. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. When they find something that works, they improve on it. Each tiny success becomesrepparttar 117630 platform forrepparttar 117631 next success, and so on.

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