Written by Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW

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Title: DEPRESSION BECOMES YOU Author: Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW E-mail: Copyright: by Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW Web Address: Word Count: 673 Category: Mental Health


Have you ever overheard people talking about couples that have been married for a very long time? One of things often said is how a couple will begin to look alike over time. How and why do you think this occurs?

This phenomenon parallels a tea bag being steeped in clear water. After a whilerepparttar 126228 water takes onrepparttar 126229 color and characteristics ofrepparttar 126230 contents ofrepparttar 126231 tea bag.

This is what happens with couples. They are both, atrepparttar 126232 same time,repparttar 126233 "clear water" ANDrepparttar 126234 tea bag -- Each saturatingrepparttar 126235 other with ideas, attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, food choices and so forth. After a while there is a melting pot effect where they each more resemblerepparttar 126236 other, and this is so powerful that couples eventually begin to look alike. Powerful, eh?

Now, having a relationship with depression can be scarily repparttar 126237 same. The depression tea bag will steep itself deeply in your life at least one time. Normally you will be able to take outrepparttar 126238 depression tea bag by adding new coping skills and continually dilutingrepparttar 126239 mixture back to its original quality. "Clear water" is who you really are at your core. You have a base set of qualities that make up both your personality and what is most important in your life. It's your essence!

We all know that some teas are stronger than others. The depression tea bag is a strong, biggie-sized tea bag! It can powerfully impact your life, saturating you completely until you forget who you are. Depression becomes you!

When this happens you take on allrepparttar 126240 characteristics of depression, leaving much of who you are behind. How you walk will reflect depression. Your tone will reflect depression. Your moods will reflect depression. Your posture will mirror depression and so on.

LadyCamelot's Hypothesis of Psychologically-Applied "Tunnel Vision Thinking"

Written by LadyCamelot

LadyCamelot's Hypothesis of Psychologically-Applied "Tunnel Vision" By LadyCamelot

Generally, tunnel vision is a physical dysfunction ofrepparttar eye. If one can imagine viewingrepparttar 126227 world around him or herself through a narrow tube, that is tunnel vision. Now,repparttar 126228 positive outcome of any physical discrepancy is that other senses tend to "kick in" and make up forrepparttar 126229 disability. For example, if a person is deaf, eyesight becomes keener. If a person cannot see, hearing is more concentrated. Thus, with tunnel vision, a person can either accentuaterepparttar 126230 positive orrepparttar 126231 negative --repparttar 126232 choice, however, is up torepparttar 126233 individual entirely. An equivelent thought would be to either seerepparttar 126234 glass half full or half empty.

Hypothetically speaking, one could apply "tunnel-vision thinking" in both positive and negative ways. Tunnel-vision thinking is when persons act or think in either one of two ways. Primarily,repparttar 126235 positive ideal of tunnel-vision thinking would be for an individual to narrow his goals to a single, harmonic pattern and leaverepparttar 126236 shady and non-essential areas torepparttar 126237 wayside. The negative form of tunnel-vision thinking is when a person becomes obcessively drawn to self-destructive and delusional behavioral patterns.

Positive tunnel-vision thinking can encourage excelling in one's career, family life, social life and an overall healthier and happier physical, mental and emotional constitution. Usingrepparttar 126238 mental thought process of visualization, a person may view his or her life as a long passage. Asrepparttar 126239 individual views this pathway, there are shady areas torepparttar 126240 left and right of himself -- but when he gazes further, there's a brilliant, beckoning light atrepparttar 126241 far end. This light mimicsrepparttar 126242 priorities, goals and ideals of our lives. When we concentrate onrepparttar 126243 positive energy ofrepparttar 126244 tunnel-vision light, we find enlightenment, encouragement and ultimately -- we discover our inner-psyche that demonstratesrepparttar 126245 force of human and spiritual willpower.

If we utilizerepparttar 126246 power of positive tunnel-vision thinking, we can set goals, find resolve and create a harmonic environment. Positive tunnel-vision thinking reinforces creative thought processes and extinguishes destructive behavior. In other words, practicing tunnel-vision visualization withrepparttar 126247 combined psychological conditioning of life being viewed through a metaphorical "tunnel," we allow ourselves to remain focused in a positive light.

Onrepparttar 126248 other hand, negative tunnel-vision thinking is when persons are so blind-sided, that s/he can't seerepparttar 126249 wood forrepparttar 126250 trees. Otherwise, negative tunnel-vision thinking is when an individual becomes consumed by his or her own necessity, self-preservation and selfishness. This form of tunnel-vision thinking forces persons to disconnect from reality; making life more intolerable and destructive due to negative behavioral patterns. Negative tunnel-vision thinking also impairs a person's ability to reason; therefore individuals who suffer from negative tunnel-vision become detached from social responsibility and relationships, in general.

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