Written by Donna Jolean

The foyer isrepparttar room that greets you as soon as you step throughrepparttar 100041 front door. This isrepparttar 100042 first space and sometimesrepparttar 100043 only space guests see of your home, yet often foyers or entryways are neglected. This strikes me as odd. Somehow, I always think ofrepparttar 100044 foyer as one ofrepparttar 100045 most important rooms inrepparttar 100046 home. The foyer is usually where first impressions are made.

Some say their foyer is so small, why bother with it at all? I have had others explain that their foyer is so grand that it feels cold and uninviting, no matter what they do to it. Whateverrepparttar 100047 size of your foyer, you should makerepparttar 100048 most of it! There is no reason inrepparttar 100049 world, why your foyer shouldnít be stylish. The tiniest of foyers can be made to feel grand. Likewise,repparttar 100050 grandest of foyers can have a sophisticated coziness.

Follow your heart! You can be as adventurous with pattern and color as you desire in this room. You can get away with it inrepparttar 100051 foyer, because remember you are only in this room for brief periods of time. Youíll wantrepparttar 100052 room to have impact and make a statement. Of course, keeping in mindrepparttar 100053 spaces your entry foyer may be linked to. This after all, isrepparttar 100054 space where your guest will get a preview ofrepparttar 100055 rooms to come. The goal is to create a continuous flow, room to room, each space complimentingrepparttar 100056 other.

Where do I start? What aboutrepparttar 100057 walls? What kind of furniture should I use inrepparttar 100058 entry foyer? How should I accessorize my foyer?

∑ Wall color should never be chosen strictly according torepparttar 100059 latest trends or home fashions. Instead, choose colors that suitrepparttar 100060 character of your home.

∑ You should select a color that makes you feel comfortable and happy.

∑ Choose a color that will give you a lift when you come throughrepparttar 100061 door after a long day.

∑ Textured, glazed or marbleizing walls are an excellent choice. Itís virtually impossible to see dirty marks or fingerprints.

∑ Give your walls a kind of strieí effect of three or four different shades by glazing any darker color with a lighter one.

∑ Pastel or softer colors look better in flat paint.

∑ Chocolate brown or very dark colors, I think look better with a little shine to them. The satin or semi finish will keep them from looking dreary by reflecting light aroundrepparttar 100062 room.

∑ Painting isrepparttar 100063 most cost effective way to give your room lots of impact.

∑ You may want to select a striking wallpaper pattern in keeping withrepparttar 100064 color scheme ofrepparttar 100065 rest ofrepparttar 100066 home. Stripes are great for adding volume and height.

∑ If you choose wallpaper with lots of pattern, you will have very little need for pictures or artwork

∑ When choosing wallpaper, donít assume that a small foyer should be papered with an equally small printed design. Some ofrepparttar 100067 prettiest foyers Iíve been in, were small ones, whererepparttar 100068 paper chosen was large scale and very bold. The effect was wonderful!

∑ The entry isrepparttar 100069 perfect spot for tromp líoeil. Possibly a mural of a Grecian urn or a large topiary.

∑ If your foyer lacks architectural interest, secure an oversized decorative wall shelf or bracket onrepparttar 100070 wall directly facing you as you walk throughrepparttar 100071 door. I like to place them onrepparttar 100072 wall at least five feet high or higher depending on ceiling height. This is a great place to display an elegant antique vase or urn. In a less formal setting you may want to display a simple pot of trailing ivy to add softness. This is also a great idea because it keeps your floor space free of clutter.

∑ In a small foyer maximizerepparttar 100073 light and make a tight area feel less cramped with a floor to ceiling mirror.

∑ Your foyer may be a tiny space with only a coat closet and no place to hang a mirror. So why not mirrorrepparttar 100074 closet door! This will make your space appear larger. Depending on how your closet door is positioned, it may double a gorgeous view ofrepparttar 100075 outdoors.

∑ Sometimes foyers can be devoid of natural light. You guessed it! Add a mirror! Itís like having a window where there isnít one. Thus, catching every trace of light, bringingrepparttar 100076 space to life!

Get More Heat from Your Same Ol' Fireplace with Simple Technique

Written by Susan Penney

For some people, a fireplace might as well be a video of flaming logs. Their primary interest isrepparttar welcoming ambiance a fireplaceís blaze presents. If, however, you expect your fireplace to provide heat in exchange for your log-carrying, fire-building efforts, (or inrepparttar 100040 case of gas logs, in exchange for your gas bill), itís time to maximize your fireplaceís heat output.

There are various contraptions designed to return more of a wood or gas fireplaceís heat intorepparttar 100041 room and stanchrepparttar 100042 flow of that precious heat from escaping uprepparttar 100043 chimney. Many of them involve fans and vents and considerable expense. But one ofrepparttar 100044 most time-honored, hassle-free, and least expensive methods of increasing a fireís heat output is making a comeback:repparttar 100045 fireback.

A fireback is a sheet of metal, sized in proportion torepparttar 100046 fireplace, thatís placed against your back fireplace wall. Firebacks can be set onrepparttar 100047 hearthís floor and just leaned againstrepparttar 100048 back fireplace wall, but often they are secured by placing them in supporting braces which keeprepparttar 100049 fireback from sliding. Firebacks come in two main styles:repparttar 100050 cast iron fireback andrepparttar 100051 stainless steel fireback.

The traditional cast iron fireback, popular in earlier times and making a revival now, is a sheet of heavy, black, cast iron. Often they are cast with a design, such as a fleur de lis or eagle, to add a decorative touch to this functional fireplace accessory.

The cast iron firebacks work onrepparttar 100052 same principle as heating radiators. The metal is heated (by hot water inrepparttar 100053 case of radiators and byrepparttar 100054 fire inrepparttar 100055 case of firebacks), and then that heat is radiated intorepparttar 100056 room.

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