D-BUST Your Computer – Part 4-a (for Microsoft users)

Written by Janet L. Hall

D-BUST Your Computer – Part 4-a (for Microsoft users) By: Janet L. Hall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

S stands for SAVE

Do you save everything on your hard drive?

Do you know how to save/file your computer documents properly, efficiently, and effectively?

Do you have a hard time locating documents after you’ve saved/filed them?

Most likely whenever you *create * something on your computer you’ll want to save it.

So before * SAVING * anything, ask yourselfrepparttar following questions:

WHO needs it? WHAT use is it? WHEN will I use it? WHERE will I find it? WHY do I want or need it? HOW long do I need to *SAVE * it?

Just like your * paper * files, you should save/file your computer documents into folders. Your folders on your computer SHOULD mirror your * paper * file folders, thus causing less names to remember, and less confusion on where you saved/filed something.

Microsoft automatically sets up a folder for you titled * MY DOCUMENTS * where you can save/file your documents. It isn’t very efficient if you save/file ALL your documents in this folder UNLESS you create YOUR own folders withinrepparttar 117647 * MY DOCUMENTS * folder.

Look at it this way; say you have a file drawer where you keep all your * paper * files and you callrepparttar 117648 drawer * MY DOCUMENTS *. If you openrepparttar 117649 drawer and have no folders, subfolders, or systems in place, how on earth are you going to locaterepparttar 117650 document you need? You stand there staring at a drawer full of documents, scratching your head wondering if you can locaterepparttar 117651 document before lunch! How will you know where to putrepparttar 117652 NEW document you just created or received that you MUST keep?


~~ Click Start (Usually located onrepparttar 117653 left bottom of your screen) ~~ Place Pointer on Programs ~~ Place Pointer on Windows Explorer and Click

You have now entered/opened your electronic file cabinet. Here you can "see" every document, file, and program that is on your computer.

We're going to create subfolders (or interior folders) in MY DOCUMENTS folder... not really mine but yours:-)

~~ Locate and move POINTER to MY DOCUMENTS ~~ Double Click on MY DOCUMENTS

You will be presented with a list of allrepparttar 117654 folders you have saved/filed in MY DOCUMENTS and/or any folders that you may have already created INSIDE MY DOCUMENTS folder.

Notice MY DOCUMENTS folder is highlighted, which means ANY folders you create during this exercise will be located * INSIDE * MY DOCUMENTS folder.

~~ Move POINTER to File and CLICK ~~ Move POINTER to NEW ~~ Move POINTER to FOLDER and CLICK ~~ Type inrepparttar 117655 name of your new folder and Press Return/Enter

WA LA!! You have a new folder!

To continue making new folders, move your pointer back to MY DOCUMENTS, CLICK to highlight and followrepparttar 117656 above steps.

You can even create new folders withinrepparttar 117657 ones you just made. Why would you do that? Let me give you an example:

Let’s say you created a folder * CLIENTS *. You have three clients, Larry, Moe, and Curly, that you send/receive email and correspondence from that you need to save/file, and be able to access when needed WITHOUT LOOKING through allrepparttar 117658 *CLIENTS * files. Highlight * CLIENTS * folder and followrepparttar 117659 above process for each SUBFOLDER (Larry, Moe, and Curly) you need to make.

Personal Discipline and the Home-Based Business Owner

Written by Elena Fawkner

Personal Discipline andrepparttar Home-Based Business Owner

© 2002 Elena Fawkner

Allow me to let you in on a little secret you're probably already wise to anyway. As often as not,repparttar 117646 inspiration for article topics comes from struggles with my own personal demons. Writing about them is my way of giving myself a good talking to (a.k.a. kick inrepparttar 117647 rear end). And so it is with this one -repparttar 117648 personal discipline demon.

It wasn't always like this. There was a time when I could and would happily sit at my computer for hours at a stretch. Doing this, doing that. Reading email, reading e- books, doing research for articles, writingrepparttar 117649 next issue of AHBBO. It used to be fun, something to do in my off-time. A break fromrepparttar 117650 grind, if you will. But now that it's my official job two or three days a week it's not so much fun as it is work.

So, what's changed? Quite simply, my online business has gone from something I always *wanted* to do to something I *have* to do. And that, alas, is my demon. As soon as I *have* to do something, I start playingrepparttar 117651 same mind-games that I played back in school when I wouldn't start an assignment untilrepparttar 117652 absolute last minute. I told myself it was because I worked well on deadlines. What it really was, of course, was procrastination. With a capital P.

Does any of this sound familiar? If not, perhaps you're just one very focused, very self-disciplined individual. Good for you. Now go away.

Or maybe you just haven't been doing this for long enough yet. You can stay. Think it won't happen to you? Maybe not. But if you're reading this at work when you really should be doing something else, like what they pay you for, you may just want to entertainrepparttar 117653 teensiest possibility that it might.

So, for those of us mere mortals with actual lives and who start businesses out of our homes for quality of life reasons, you'd better get a handle on this demon and quick about it too. Because if you don't, it will slowly but surely bring aboutrepparttar 117654 end of life as you know it and you'll be back to repparttar 117655 9 to 5 grind at your J.O.B. before you can even *think* about turning on The Young andrepparttar 117656 Restless. (Just for background noise, of course.)

OK, so, enough about what can happen and why and on to what you can do to make sure you get to keeprepparttar 117657 best of all possible worlds. Here are six tips for gettingrepparttar 117658 job done:


If you approach your business withrepparttar 117659 attitude that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, guess what happens? You do whatever you want, whenever you want. Andrepparttar 117660 stuff that needs to be done but which you don't particularly feel like doing doesn't get done. Ever.

Lesson #1 - there's no such thing as being able to do what you want whenever you want allrepparttar 117661 time. It's a fact of life that sometimes we have to do that which we would prefer not to do. The best you can hope for with your own business is to chooserepparttar 117662 time for doing.

So, instead of seeing your days as a big, blank canvas, ready for you to paint as and when you feel like it, decide which hours ofrepparttar 117663 day you are going to allocate to working in your business. And stick to it. Of course,repparttar 117664 huge advantage you have in running your own business over working at your J.O.B. is that you get to choose what those hours shall be. Want to start at 6 am and finish at 2 pm? No problem. Want to start at noon and finish at 8? Go for it. But do it.

And when it comes to scheduling, don't fall intorepparttar 117665 trap of thinking that just because you live where you work you have to work seven days a week. Be sure to schedule some entirely work-free days. That's MY big lesson fromrepparttar 117666 past few months. I was makingrepparttar 117667 mistake of working at my J.O.B. for three days and then workingrepparttar 117668 four days I was home in my business. Got torepparttar 117669 point where I was sick to death of it. All of it. So I started taking weekends off. Much, much better. I'm actually starting to enjoy working again.

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