D-BUST Your Computer-Part 2 (for Microsoft users)

Written by Janet L. Hall

D-BUST Your Computer-Part 2 (for Microsoft users) by: Janet L. Hall ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ B stands for Backup.

Wouldn't it be nice if our computers would give us a warning before our computers * crashed *? * Warning, Warning, your computer will crash in three hours, stop what you are doing and perform a backup now!*

I truly believe that never has once critical instruction on a piece of equipment been so widely ignored then this, * make a backup of your information! *

Is it ignored because people don't haverepparttar time, they forget, or they don't know how to perform this easy task?

Whateverrepparttar 117649 reason, here are my 10 top reasons for performing a backup:

1. Your computer is giving you 'fatal' error warnings.

2. You've created and typed a lot of new documents.

3. You've changed a large file/report that contains a lot of graphic art.

4. You've been doing design work.

5. You've installed new software.

6. Your computer is noticeably slower.

7. You've completed a project.

8. It would be extremely time consuming to re-create your materials.

9. It would be a disaster if you * lost * your information.

10. Your livelihood depends on your computer andrepparttar 117650 information stored on it.

When wasrepparttar 117651 last time you performed a backup of your computer files, folders, or (C:) Drive?

When wasrepparttar 117652 last time you backed-up your software? Things that can cause your hard drive to * CRASH *:

1. Viruses

2. Wear and Tear

3. Power Surges

4. Improper Ventilation

5. Dust

6. Heat

7. Human Error

According to Elisa Williams, in her article *Sooner or later, you're gonna crash *:

...all hard drives eventually will fail because they are made up of mechanical parts that at some point-though it may be years and years-will wear out and malfunction. Most drives built for home use have a lifespan of about 10,000 to 50,000 hours. If you never turn your computer off-which many people don't-that time passes quickly. One year equals 8,448 hours on your [hard] drive. (http://www.newstimes.com/archive96/sep0496/cpe.htm)

D-BUST Your Computer – Part 4-d

Written by Janet L. Hall

D-BUST Your Computer – Part 4-d By: Janet L. Hall

S Stands for SAVE those * Favorite * Websites you love to visit (like mine! )!

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser has a folder labeled * Favorites * (middle, top of screen) in which you can save/add your favorite websites you like to visit often. Saving your favorites here can minimize searching time, typing time, andrepparttar old, *I wonder where that website is? * time.

Other browsers have a similar feature but might be called something like * bookmarks * in Netscape or have a red heart on a folder, as in AOL. Look around or use your Help function to locate and how to use your browsers * favorites *.

Inrepparttar 117648 meantime, those using Explorer, here are some how-to’s and tips for saving, adding, and organizing your favorite websites.

Explorer automatically provides you with * common * folders in which you can save/add your favorite websites to BUT did you know you can create your own folders, name them how you will remember them and STILL save/add your favorites to them?

It’s easy and FUN! Before we get started on creating your folders, stop and think AND stop and look at what you have already added to your favorites in each * common * folder.

My example is withrepparttar 117649 * common * folder labeled Lifestyles. I was starting to add various websites to this folder and soon I had such a long list of different types of lifestyles websites, it was getting difficult to locate a site I wanted to visit on my list. I also noticed that many ofrepparttar 117650 websites were common to each other, such as websites on Feng Shui, ones on health, ones on children, ones on seniors, you getrepparttar 117651 idea…

TIP: If you haven’t added any websites to your Lifestyles folder, please use a folder in you favorites that you have added websites to for this exercise.

First, open up your Favorites folder by clicking on Favorites atrepparttar 117652 top of your screen. You will see a list of * common * folders and hopefully one labeled Lifestyles. Click onrepparttar 117653 Lifestyles folder. Seerepparttar 117654 long list of websites (pretend or open another folder please). As I mentioned before, look for websites that have something in common with each other and decide what NEW folder name you would like to store those websites into.

Creating a NEW Favorites Folder ~~ Log ontorepparttar 117655 Internet ~~ Click Favorites ~~ Click Organize ~~ Click Create Folder ~~ Type in your NEW folder name ~~ Press Return/Enter ~~ Noticerepparttar 117656 other buttons, Rename, Move to Folder, and Delete (nifty things you can play with some other time ) ~~ Click Close after creating all your NEW folders

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