Cycling Strategies at the Tour De France

Written by Rooster

Torepparttar casual observer,repparttar 149224 Tour De France is just a bicycle race, a feat of strength and endurance, participated in by teams of men from aroundrepparttar 149225 world. But winning this almost century old race has more to do with mental toughness and team strategy than one would imagine. Lance Armstrong recognizes this better than anybody, as evidenced by his long string of consecutive Tour De France victories. Of course, to win, you also need incredible strength and stamina, several high dollar touring bicycles, a multitude of bicycle accessories, years of course preparation andrepparttar 149226 work ethic of an eighteenth century immigrant.

To really have a chance to winrepparttar 149227 Tour De France takes more than a yearís subscription torepparttar 149228 Cycling News. You need more than justrepparttar 149229 incredible strength of Lance Armstrongrepparttar 149230 leader ofrepparttar 149231 Discovery Pro Cycling Team,repparttar 149232 ultra-rare combination of slow and fast twitch muscles and an incredibly expensive performance touring bike. You need to understandrepparttar 149233 peloton andrepparttar 149234 role it plays in supportingrepparttar 149235 leader. You must understandrepparttar 149236 importance ofrepparttar 149237 time trial. You also have to understand and embracerepparttar 149238 chivalrous code of racing practiced by these incredible athletes.

Limits of this Article

To cover bicycle racing strategy completely would fill volumes. Bicycle racing is a science that has been researched for over one hundred years by thousands of dedicated enthusiasts. Therefore, to conform torepparttar 149239 space and time constraints of this article, Iíll mention just a couple ofrepparttar 149240 major points.

Peaking atrepparttar 149241 Right Time

Pre race strategy is probablyrepparttar 149242 most important ingredient inrepparttar 149243 formula to win a Tour de France. Competitors arrive in France weeks, sometimes months in advance to train onrepparttar 149244 course. For them, this is no casual European bicycle tour. Riders and coaches evaluate every variable. Heart rates are measured and recovery rates are scrutinized. Blood samples are taken on training days and then again on days off to measure glycogen and lactic acid. Nutrition is a science for these dedicated athletes and their coaches. Food is analyzed atrepparttar 149245 molecular level; menus are planned months in advance and adjusted according to humidity and temperature. Allrepparttar 149246 whilerepparttar 149247 athletes and coaches are trying to accomplish one simple goal. They wantrepparttar 149248 competitor to be at his physical peak onrepparttar 149249 day ofrepparttar 149250 start ofrepparttar 149251 Tour de France.

Paintball Team Strategies

Written by Rooster

So there you are just you and your best buddies, hip deep inrepparttar muck. You hear a twig snap, turn too late and you and your buddies are quickly covered in brightly colored paint circles. Youíve been fragged byrepparttar 149223 enemy. Even worse, youíve been outsmarted byrepparttar 149224 enemy. It doesnít have to be this way.

You and your team need a strategy. Most paintballers ignore stealth and accuracy and instead focus on movement and firepower. Thatís their mistake, donít let it be yours. War is war. A battle is a battle. Some ofrepparttar 149225 most brilliant minds in history from Genghis Kahn to General Macarthur have studied and improvedrepparttar 149226 art of battle. Your paintballing experience will be well served if youíll learn from them.

Use a Sniper

Most paintballers do not understand sniper play and most paintballers discount accuracy. They favor movement and firepower. Of course firepower and forceful movement have their place onrepparttar 149227 paintball field just as they have their place in real combat. But how many times have powerful aggressive forces bogged down in long drawn out shooting matches. This is how Napoleon lost at Waterloo and Hitler lost in Russia. Of course an accurate, long distance shot with a paintball gun is just not inrepparttar 149228 realm of possibility. However, a well placed ambush sniper can pick your adversary apart after they pass. If your sniper is willing to belly-crawl into position he can get behind or besiderepparttar 149229 enemy force and pick them apart

Get yourself a good ghillie cape. All paint ball guns have aboutrepparttar 149230 same range so, your advantage is in getting closer to your enemy. If your paint gun, mask, and your pod belt are completely camouflaged in ghillie leaf, youíll have a significant advantage inrepparttar 149231 wooded margins ofrepparttar 149232 battle field. If youíre well camouflaged,repparttar 149233 opposition will walk right by you without noticing you.

Consider purchasing a good red dot or holographic sight to make your first shots count. Make sure to use raised sight rails or special stocks to give your maskrepparttar 149234 clearance youíll need. Remember, a good sight will line you up withrepparttar 149235 target but, you still need to adjust for wind and drop over distance. Paintballs are not nearly as aerodynamic as a long, lean rifle bullet. A good Spyder paintball gun with raised sight rails and a holographic sight will put you at a definite advantage onrepparttar 149236 paintball field.

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