Written by je Dunn

Cycling is a great activity that can be enjoyed byrepparttar very young torepparttar 146829 not so very young. In fact many middle age adults are discoveringrepparttar 146830 health and social benefits of cycling.

Recreational cycling doesnít require any special athletic skill to start, and provides a low impact cardiovascular workout.

Riding with a group is a lot of fun. Joining a local cycling club is a great way to learn about cycling and make new friends that share some of your common interest.

Cycling is also a great stress reliever. You can jump on you bike and pedal your tensions intorepparttar 146831 blacktop or trail whichever you prefer.

Bike riding is an activity that you can start at your own pace and increaserepparttar 146832 intensity over time. You will be amazed at how a hill that felt like Mt Everest to you a few weeks will turn into a bump inrepparttar 146833 road after some consistent cycling.

Black Belts And Good Wine

Written by Peter Vermeeren

A few days ago I was sitting at my terrace with some friends talking aboutrepparttar warrior ways whilst having a glass of wine. I like to have a good glass of wine now and then and especially when it is a Spanish red wine.

I was looking atrepparttar 146799 colour ofrepparttar 146800 wine inrepparttar 146801 glass and appreciatingrepparttar 146802 different aromas of it.

I realized that black belts instructors are much like wine and most students are likerepparttar 146803 common guy who takes a glass of wine now and then.

In my opinion a first dan (shodan) isrepparttar 146804 same as a young wine, from a very recent year without time to mature in old oak barrels. Itís flavour is nice, light and easy to drink. It is a good wine to start with when you donít have a clue about wines. It will not give you a headache and a limited number of glasses wonít make you drunk.

The same thing goes forrepparttar 146805 1st dan instructor. Itís a good technical instructor, easy to learn from and a great start when you take up your martial arts study.

This instructor will need time inrepparttar 146806 old oak barrels to mature but he will as his training continues and he keeps going onrepparttar 146807 path that leads to master ship. The only thing that could get in his way is his own ego. The moment he thinks he is a great wine; he stops learning and steps out ofrepparttar 146808 oak barrel. A good instructor as well as a great wine needs time, lots of time and patience.

As instructors we first of all need to be like an outstanding grape, ready to be moulded into a fine wine. Next we will need an outstanding dojo with a great sensei who can turn us in a young wine , but this instructor has to haverepparttar 146809 expertise ofrepparttar 146810 master wine maker to take us torepparttar 146811 level of a GRAN RESERVA. To accomplish this he needs us to give all we have and more. Not only 95% of our dedication is needed but 105%. Only this way he can get allrepparttar 146812 flavours out ofrepparttar 146813 wine.

But you must remember that time is needed. You can takerepparttar 146814 best machines,repparttar 146815 best grapes andrepparttar 146816 best wine maker, ifrepparttar 146817 young wine doesnít want to go intorepparttar 146818 barrels they will never become a GRAN RESERVA.

Spanish wine comes in different classifications. We haverepparttar 146819 young wine which is classified as DENOMINACI”N DE ORIGEN which guaranties itís origin, one level up isrepparttar 146820 CRIANZA, a wine that already has had some time inrepparttar 146821 barrel, a RESERVA which is a ďmaster level wineĒ and finally a GRAN RESERVA which is top ofrepparttar 146822 bill.

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