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Written by Dianne Reuby

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Customise your Send To menu by Dianne Reuby

Question : How can I open my file in a different program - easily?

Answer : Customise your "Send To" menu

Windows "associates" files with programs according torepparttar file extension andrepparttar 131864 software installed onrepparttar 131865 computer. So "myfile.doc" will be associated with your default word processor, "any.gif" will be associated with your default picture viewer or editor.

Great - just one click onrepparttar 131866 filename, and it loadsrepparttar 131867 program. What a time saver!

But what if you don't wantrepparttar 131868 file to load in its' associated program?

For example: my PC has quite a few .html files (web pages) stored on it. Some I've saved when surfing, some I've created. Windows associates these with my browser - after all, where else would you want to view a web page?

Quite often, in my web page editor! Or if I just want to make a small change to one of my pages, in my text editor. So, loadrepparttar 131869 program, choose File, then Open, search for my directory and file, and ... what was I going to do? Can't quite remember, now!

You don't have to go this route. In Windows 98, if you right-click on a file, you get a pop-up menu. One ofrepparttar 131870 choices is "Send To". You can easily add items to this menu, so that you can load in a file inrepparttar 131871 program of your choice rather thanrepparttar 131872 default program.

"Three Steps For Success"

Written by Larry Johnson

"Three Steps To Success"

By Larry Johnson

Your site is now up and running and you're trying to figure out just how to let others know about it. How do you create a wave of traffic to it ?

Here are three simple steps that anyone who is really serious about marketing and selling online must do to be successful:

1) Get your own domain name. A virtual domain name is a virtual necessity when trying to promote and market your site and it's products and services.

Which would you more likely take as a serious webmaster who could be trusted to do business with ?

A: ripod/lite/889765



It's pretty clear, right? The site withrepparttar virtual domain name isrepparttar 131862 pick ofrepparttar 131863 litter everytime. I hardly every visit, or take seriously, those sites without one.

The cost for a virtual domain name is a drop inrepparttar 131864 bucket for two years of potential income from a good producing site.

2) Create and market your own product or service.

This is one that may cause you to lay awake at nights for a while. Coming up with a unique service or procuct that fills a niche market is a challenge, but not one that can't be overcome.

Too many want-to-be webmasters are too easily guiled intorepparttar 131865 "affiliate" trap. It's easy,repparttar 131866 sights are created instantly, and they look great. (forrepparttar 131867 most part) .

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