Customise your Mobile Phone for Free

Written by Carl Harper

Hundreds of companies now offer yourepparttar ability to pay to download Games, Ringtones, Mobile Phone Wallpapers, Mobile Phone Screensavers, Operator Logos and more to your Mobile Phone.

Charges can vary but wherever you purchase them from,repparttar 133507 costs will rapidly mount up if you like to update your phone often.

There are utilities available viarepparttar 133508 web that will allow you to create your own mid files (Ringtones) and you can use any paint package to resize your favourite picture intorepparttar 133509 format of your phone to use as a background (for examplerepparttar 133510 Nokia 7210 can display jpeg pictures of 128 pixels by 128 pixels).

Also, websites such as offer access to a multitude of free mobile phone files that you can save to your PC.

Once you have either created or downloadedrepparttar 133511 appropriate files to your PC, you can then transfer them yourself to your mobile phone by using one ofrepparttar 133512 following methods;

(Please note - Refer to your phone manual to ensure thatrepparttar 133513 file you are uploading is compatible with your phone.)

Data Cable - Via a data cable from your PC to your phone.

Mobile Phone Evolution

Written by Carl Harper

The pace at whichrepparttar Mobile Phone has evolved overrepparttar 133506 last couple of years is truly remarkable. Triband, WAP, personalised Polyphonic Ringtones, Themes, Games, Radios are now merely standard features on a lot of todays compact mobile phones.

But what aboutrepparttar 133507 future?

The developments that are inrepparttar 133508 pipeline or already onrepparttar 133509 more expensive handsets begsrepparttar 133510 question, isrepparttar 133511 mobile phone about to become extinct?

The answer is yes!!!

An evolution has taken place and we are now seeingrepparttar 133512 birth of communication & entertainment devices that have phone capabilities, rather thanrepparttar 133513 other way around.

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