Customer service 101- What You Absolutely Need to Know

Written by Samaira kapoor

Customer service refers to a person or a desk, which is set up to give general assistance to customers. Success of any company or business lies inrepparttar hand of their customers. Once a customer is satisfied withrepparttar 143068 company, then company will be in good profits. It is only our customer who put down or uprepparttar 143069 reputation ofrepparttar 143070 company. Advertising is aimed chiefly at getting customers to go to a particular business. Once a customer has arrived or satisfied, it is important to provide him or her with an excellent customer service experience. A good customer experience results in repeat venture torepparttar 143071 same business. Providing good customer service is important to a company because it keeps their customer coming back and helps to build new customer business relationships. Every customer expects after sale service and assistance on particular product, which he or she has bought fromrepparttar 143072 company.

Customer service isrepparttar 143073 most important difference between your company and competitors. Only those companies can survive who gives good customer service. For example, you visit to a bank for opening an a/c, if that bank doesn’t give good customer services like Debit-cum-ATM card, Auto Invest Account, Internet Banking, Phone Banking, Anywhere Banking, Standing instructions, Nomination facility, Doorstep service etc. then that bank will loose its customers. So it is very important to get good customer relationship. Techniques for managing in a customer-service environment include revisiting strategy, processes, organization, motivation, and incentives, as well as conducting research to find out whatrepparttar 143074 customer actually wants. Every compnay should understand that what a customer is looking for. One should never try to win arguments withrepparttar 143075 customers, even if you are right andrepparttar 143076 customer is wrong. These days most ofrepparttar 143077 companies claim to treat customer satisfaction as an important issue. There should a proper training to employees for customer care service. Whether you are in retail business, eatery or other business, there are number of ways in which to deal with both pleased and unhappy customers so they may receiverepparttar 143078 basics of good customer service and return willing to do business withrepparttar 143079 establishment again and again.

Global Warming....What Can You Do?

Written by Ellen Gaver

Today I made a decision. There are so many issues confronting us today, from political issues, to health issues, to economic issues, to environmental issues….it’s easy to become overwhelmed and do nothing. Sometimes I feel that there are so many problems in this world, and they are so huge, that my little voice will never be heard, much less have any measurable impact on any of these issues. I know that I am not alone in this feeling.

For many years, I have talked about toxins and chemicals and their impact on our health, and I have shared this information with others inrepparttar hopes of making a difference. I believe that we must, forrepparttar 142783 sake of our children, open our eyes to what’s happening to our planet. Our government and our media would have us believe that all is well, that our rivers and streams are healthy, and that our planet is thriving. Does this feel right to you? We must care enough to look beyond what is fed to us. I believe that by working together, we can and we will put this earth back on a positive path. It is not necessary that we do a lot, it is just necessary that we do something.

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