Custom Web site Design Strategies

Written by Nathan Drew Sire

Web site design has certainly, inrepparttar past decade, evolved tremendously. More clients now are demanding custom design, as opposed torepparttar 141421 'cookie cutter' sites of yesteryear.

Where once there existed a limit as torepparttar 141422 types of fonts used,repparttar 141423 types of coding languages used, andrepparttar 141424 styles themselves, there is nowrepparttar 141425 possibility for more variety in Web site design than ever before. This has come about because ofrepparttar 141426 advances in technology that did not exist even a few years ago, and it has opened up many creative avenues for Web site designers inrepparttar 141427 creation of custom designs.

Web development overall, has to be more competitive, and take into considerationrepparttar 141428 needs of clients now, when literally billions of Web sites compete for attention online on a daily basis. A Web site isrepparttar 141429 first impressionrepparttar 141430 owner of an E-commerce business makes on their own potential clients, andrepparttar 141431 competition factor, has now led torepparttar 141432 burgeoning of more creative designs and implementations to deal with this competition factor.

Web development now needs to speak torepparttar 141433 needs not only ofrepparttar 141434 clients that are buildingrepparttar 141435 Web site, butrepparttar 141436 needs ofrepparttar 141437 visitors who are, overall "potential prospects' ofrepparttar 141438 Web site owners.

E-commerce needs have created some rather unique approaches to Web development, fromrepparttar 141439 most beautiful torepparttar 141440 most garish, unfortunately. In an attempt to have their own E-commerce sites 'noticed', some business owners have become too individualistic, and there does abound many sites that are not easily navigable, nor especially pleasing torepparttar 141441 eye. A Web designer needs to use good judgment when making choices about how much is 'too much' individuality.

Web site designers can avoidrepparttar 141442 pitfalls of becoming overly creative, and yet do much now to make a client's site, very appealing and eye-catching by keeping a few simple rules in mind:

A. Arerepparttar 141443 colors pleasing to most visitors, without being garish and hard to view? B. Arerepparttar 141444 fonts easily read by most visitors, which means not too large (too much scrolling), or too small, (too much squinting)? C. Isrepparttar 141445 navigation and usability ofrepparttar 141446 site what it can be? Can visitors find features easily? D. Isrepparttar 141447 site clean and uncluttered? It should never look like your grandmother's attic, where thirty years of junk abounds in every corner!

Atrepparttar 141448 same time,repparttar 141449 E-commerce functionality can be maintained with advanced creativity, as navigability and usability can be implemented flawlessly also. The new advances in technology now have led torepparttar 141450 following changes that increaserepparttar 141451 ability to improve creativity:

1. A staggering number of font sizes that can be flawlessly implemented to distinguish a site. Up until just a few years ago, Web masters were limited inrepparttar 141452 choice of fonts, and font sizes. Times New Roman and Arial wererepparttar 141453 two standard fonts used, as some browsers could not effectively display other fonts with any reliability, changing fonts that were not Times New Roman and Arial intorepparttar 141454 Sans Serif, which is not all that attractive. This was a big deterrent torepparttar 141455 creative use of fonts. With new embedding technologies, this is no longer a real problem, and many designers are now using great new fonts that make a site 'stand out' effortlessly.

3 Rules of Website Designing and Layout

Written by Purva Mewar

Now that you have got your domain name registered, your next worry is about designing a website or getting it designed, depending on your budget and knowledge.

To helprepparttar newbie's start it right - Design your website before getting repparttar 141281 domain name registered. Why park an empty domain onrepparttar 141282 web just like that? Why waste even a single day after registration? right? So a better idea is to keep your "small but complete" site ready. As soon as domain name registration notification arrives, uploadrepparttar 141283 pages. You can keep adding value forever.

"Small but complete" is what is being explained thru' this article. Keep 3 things in mind. Simplicity, appropriate content & Easy navigation. Try striking a perfect balance between them and you are bound to succeed.

Simplicity: Keep everything about your website simple. Flow of content, language, layout and terminology. Consideringrepparttar 141284 potential of your visitor (who might be your future client/buyer/affiliate) and his technical ignorance, you will do yourself a great deal of good sticking to simplicity. However stylized or hi fi your site is, if it can't holdrepparttar 141285 traffic or visitor's attention- its pointless

Appropriate content: Content isrepparttar 141286 king. No augments. Always look at

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