Custom Knife Care (Blades&Handles)

Written by Rhonda Erline

Custom Knife Care (Blades and Handles)

By Rhonda Erline

I own and sell custom made knives by Marvin Poole and Iíve learned good knife care is important to keep them looking and performing at their best.

Whether you are a collector who likes to admire your knives for their sheer design and beauty or a person who usesrepparttar knife, taking proper care of your knife will ensure it will last many years to come.

Knife Use

Your knife was designed for a specific task and purpose. Do not userepparttar 136031 knife blade for something it was not designed for, by doing so, you could damagerepparttar 136032 tip of blade which isrepparttar 136033 weakest part and possibly damagerepparttar 136034 knife edge, beyond repair. Most knife warranties will not cover knife repair due to misuse and abuse.

Knife Care

Regardless of what metalrepparttar 136035 blade is made from it will rust if not properly cleaned. Stainless steel blades are more rust and stain resistant than other metals and need less care, but are not completely rustproof. The fastest way to corrode a high quality 440-C stainless steel blade is by leaving it exposed to sea water for a long period of time 24-48 hours or longer.

To prevent rust from forming onrepparttar 136036 blade take time to clean your knife after every use with mild non abrasive soap in lukewarm water. The knife should then be thoroughly rinsed and dried from handle toward blade edge. If you still see stains onrepparttar 136037 blade, you can spray a small amount of Windex on a clean soft cloth and wiperepparttar 136038 blade making sure to completely wipe or rinse it off. Marvin Poole uses Windex on his knives and finds thatrepparttar 136039 ammonia inrepparttar 136040 Windex is an excellent cleaner, as well as acts as a disinfectant. A good metal polish such as Simichrome or Flitz will also easily remove stains.


The handle is an important part of knife and needs to be taken care of as well. With years of use, Stag will dry out and crack.

Ram horn has a tendency to dry out and crack in extreme heat. Do not leave it in a hot vehicle. It is best stored at room temperature.

Ivory cannot take extreme temperature changes. If you haverepparttar 136041 knife stored in room temperature then take it out to use it in extreme cold or hot weather it will dry and crack. The only care needed for bone handles is to keep it clean.

Marvin Poole, a knife maker, who works with these types of handle materials suggestsrepparttar 136042 following care forrepparttar 136043 above handle types:

The most important thing is to keeprepparttar 136044 handles clean and store at room temperature. Apply a small amount of baby oil with a q tip to a Ram horn handle every 3 months, for Ivory handles every 6 months (small amount of baby oil will not hurt scrimshaw on handle) and on Stag handles every 8-12months could help to prolongrepparttar 136045 stag. Always make sure you wipe off any excess oil.


Most knife makers when making handles from exotic hardwoods (woods from outsiderepparttar 136046 U.S. such as Cocobolo, Ironwood, Bocote, Ebony and Olivewood, etc) will stabilizedrepparttar 136047 wood which strengthens and protectsrepparttar 136048 wood. These types of wood handles need little care other than keeping them clean.

How To Win Your Customer Service Battle

Written by Andrew Lawrence

Millions of people, just like you, end up with a customer service problem that they just can't seem to get resolved. No matter what they do. Even though you are inrepparttar right, even though you are being treated improperly. You may needle and wheedle them, bellow and battle, but your problem still ends up unresolved. Sound familiar? If so, here's a proven, effective FREE technique you can use that can help you get immediate corrective action for those ongoing unresolved frustrating, sometimes nightmarish consumer problems such as billing errors, disputes, complaints, defective products and other consumer rights issues.

What are your consumer rights? A product or service offered by a reputable company should function properly. And, as a consumer and a customer, you should be treated fairly and properly. And customer service is supposed to help you when that doesn't happen. Of course, inrepparttar 135984 real world, this does not always occur. However,repparttar 135985 vast majority of legitimate organizations that depend on consumer buying for their sales and profits are willing and committed to stand behind their products and services and are willing and committed to "make it right" when a problem happens. But sometimes they aren't. Or they are unaware of a problem. Or their customer service is not capable or properly trained or properly authorized to resolve evenrepparttar 135986 most obvious problem. And you get stuck in a battle with customer service, a seemingly dead-end with no resolution, a consumer nightmare! It happens. And when it does, here's what you can do ...

First, take a deep breath. Relax. Your customer service battle may soon be over.

Note: regarding exercising your consumer rights and winningrepparttar 135987 customer service battle; in order to be effective you need to act sanely and rationally, have a VALID claim, and expect a REASONABLE solution.

That being said, make sure you have first followed what I callrepparttar 135988 "Rule of 3"; always giverepparttar 135989 customer service department three (3) chances to resolve your problem. Also, if you haven't been able to get anywhere withrepparttar 135990 normal standard customer service rep you should ask (nicely and firmly) for a supervisor; sometimes a supervisor can simply and easily resolve your problem. Sometimes not. But do give Customer Service 3 chances and, above all, be courteous! If, after exhaustingrepparttar 135991 limits of both customer service and yourself, your problem is not resolved proceed withrepparttar 135992 following steps ...

1) organizerepparttar 135993 most pertinent facts relating to your problem. Facts ... not feelings.

2) in a blank email set forth your unresolved problem. Here you state that you have been unsuccessful in getting your problem resolved via customer service. Be professional. State it clearly. No more than 1-2 short paragraphs.

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