Cultivating Spiritual Intimacy

Written by Omaudi Reid

When two people - destined for each other, come together, there is often an incredible amount of combustibility. Combustion occurs when two or more substances react chemically together, resulting inrepparttar giving off of heat and light; often called burning. Inrepparttar 122036 same manner, two people joined together by God can spiritually set each other on fire.

However, after being married a while that sense of combustibility can easily be lost ifrepparttar 122037 spiritual life ofrepparttar 122038 marriage is not cultivated. But, a couple that intentionally, and actively engages in maintainingrepparttar 122039 spiritual life ofrepparttar 122040 marriage continues to be a strength one to another, and ignites new sparks that blazes through every area of marriage and family. I believe that through personal devotion, mutual support, joint devotions, spiritual dialogue, and spiritual activities, a Christian couple can maintain spiritual intimacy in their marriage.

First, each spouse must keep their fire burning. Each partner keeps their fire burning by maintaining a growing and intimate relationship withrepparttar 122041 Lord Jesus, through personal prayer and Bible study. When we first got married, my wife and I mistakenly thought we could depend on each other’s spiritual life for our personal growth. I thought to myself “my wife is such a great Christian, she will be able to help me solve my spiritual struggles”. The mistake we made was instead of pursuingrepparttar 122042 Lord for our personal growth, we began to depend on each other. Eventually instead of helping, we began to drain each other. What we learned is that we must maintain intimacy withrepparttar 122043 Lord in order to have true spiritual intimacy with each other.

Once our personal lives are burning with spiritual fire, then we can conduct that heat to our partners. If you have ever touched a hot pot, then you understand what a conductor is. Metal pots are good conductors because they transmitrepparttar 122044 heat coming fromrepparttar 122045 stove. The person whose spiritual life is hot and on fire can conduct that spiritual strength to their partner. To be spiritual heat conductors we must intercede for our mates in prayer, and support them with our encouragement. An effective intercessor believes God forrepparttar 122046 success of their partner. Exercising faith in prayer for your partner is crucial. Why? Well, we know more than anyone elserepparttar 122047 strengths and weaknesses of our partners. We see their faults, joys, and sadness. Thus, not only do we haverepparttar 122048 opportunity to intimately intercede in faith for them, but also our encouragement means a lot to them. Essentially, we must be our partner’s own spiritual cheerleader – fanningrepparttar 122049 flames.

How To Completely Ignore Valentine's Day Without Having To Sleep In The Dog House

Written by Julie Hunt

Forgetrepparttar mass marketed, red hearted Valentine Day pressure that starts heating up about now. Steer clear of high priced flowers, tasteless candy hearts and stuffed bears. Follow these tips to makerepparttar 122035 woman you love feel cherished.

Tell her Valentine's Day means more than romance and gifts. It means she'll berepparttar 122036 focus of your caring attention, dutiful doting and loving affection.

Here are 9 quick tips to escaperepparttar 122037 Valentine’s Day commercialism and still snuggle with your hunny!

1. Concentration isrepparttar 122038 Name ofrepparttar 122039 Game. Guys, you have an amazing ability to focus and solve problems! Focus on how special she is to you. Instead of stressing aboutrepparttar 122040 perfect Valentine’s gift, think about allrepparttar 122041 fun, silly, spunky, sexy, serious and loving things that she does for you. Chances are she’s doing exactly what she wants you to do in return. Think about who she is. What makes her smile? What she is truly passionate about? What small little things could you do at home every day that would make her feel more loved? Get out your love tools!

2. Under Promise and Over Deliver. Make promises early and make them often…just keep them. No emergency is more important than her love. Show your love and respect for her by honoring your time together and your commitments. Leave work early and call her onrepparttar 122042 way home and tell her you just couldn’t wait to see her. Ask her if she’d like you to pick up something special before you get there.

3. Be a Mirror. We reflectrepparttar 122043 world around us…repparttar 122044 good,repparttar 122045 bad andrepparttar 122046 ugly. Be mindful of her moods. When she approaches you with love and joy, mirror it back to her and she’ll feel especially loved and close to you. Or, if she’s had an especially bad day, initiate her cheerful reflection by filling uprepparttar 122047 bathtub with floating candles and tell her to soak inrepparttar 122048 flickering flames of reflective delight.

4. Note It. Love notes are a sure way to inspire a loving connection everyday ofrepparttar 122049 year. They don’t all have to be sappy poems. Buy a calendar, keep it inrepparttar 122050 bathroom and write a reason a day that you appreciate and admire her. Follow her torepparttar 122051 store orrepparttar 122052 dry cleaners and leave a note on her car inrepparttar 122053 parking lot. Drop them in her purse or write them onrepparttar 122054 bathroom mirror with a dry erase pen for her to wake up to. If you were thinking more alongrepparttar 122055 lines of taggingrepparttar 122056 freeway overpass try 24 hour disappearing ink.

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