Cubs back in the chase (is it for real??)

Written by John Onan

Cubs back inrepparttar chase (is it for real??)

Just when most everyone (including myself) was ready to putrepparttar 149882 proverbial nail inrepparttar 149883 Chicago Cubs coffin, looks as though they are back inrepparttar 149884 NL Wild Card race to stay. After soundly thumpingrepparttar 149885 Pittsburgh Pirates once again at Wrigley on Friday Afternoon, they currently sit 4 ˝ games behind Atlanta and look ready to pounce despite a rash of injuries to their starting rotation and offensive lineup.

I must give credit torepparttar 149886 much maligned Dusty Baker for keeping this team together when it appeared they were likely candidates to fold up like a tent. Also, much praise goes out torepparttar 149887 guys who filled in on Kerry Wood and Mark Prior while they were onrepparttar 149888 disabled list, Glendon Rusch and Sergio Mitre. Baker has plenty reason to be optimistic. "We feel very good and confident that we finally got our pitching staff back that we were starting with," Baker said. "When you can put a guy like Rusch inrepparttar 149889 bullpen and Sergio, it builds everything. Now it's kind ofrepparttar 149890 glue puttingrepparttar 149891 pieces ofrepparttar 149892 puzzle together. I feel a whole lot better having those guys back. It's like having your whole army back."

Now comesrepparttar 149893 hard part for Chicago; they begin a critical stretch of 16 games in 16 days. After finishing uprepparttar 149894 Pirate series, they head to Cincinnati and then facerepparttar 149895 NL Central leading Cardinals. When they finish up this stretch at home vs. Arizona and San Francisco, we’ll all have a better idea of whererepparttar 149896 Cubs stand as contenders or simply another tease torepparttar 149897 long suffering faithful.

Michael Jordan and Your Shorts

Written by Jim McLellan

You have company spending two weeks with you this summer. One week down, one week to go. You long for your privacy, your own routine. Who's house is this, anyway?

Your wife loves people and having "them" around. You, onrepparttar other hand, could be a hermit. Well, at least they are in town shopping and you have a rare opportunity to take that private shower, without little Billy knocking onrepparttar 149881 door.

You are inrepparttar 149882 hallway and you have just removed your shirt and pants and pitched them 10 feet intorepparttar 149883 hamper inrepparttar 149884 laundry room.

What's that noise?!!!

The back door just opened. Your (your wife's) company is back from town. Rats! You have to make a split second decision. No time to think it over. They will be aroundrepparttar 149885 corner in less than three seconds.

There are some people you would not mind seeing you naked but not this bunch. Why open yourself up torepparttar 149886 brunt of dinner time jokes?

At super human speed, you balance yourself deftly on your right foot and yank your left sock off. You aim (under immense pressure) and throw your sock atrepparttar 149887 hamper. Bull's eye! Switching to your left foot, you balance yourself so gracefully that a ballerina would be envious, reach down and rip your right sock from your sweaty foot, shoot once again forrepparttar 149888 hamper. Swish! Dead center. Now,repparttar 149889 moment of truth.

You flash back torepparttar 149890 final game ofrepparttar 149891 Bulls and Jazz. You are Michael Jordan. You, onrepparttar 149892 other hand, have less than one second to get your shorts off, shoot forrepparttar 149893 hamper, spin around and duck intorepparttar 149894 bathroom.

Your mind's a blur. What if? No time to considerrepparttar 149895 consequences. Your left leg comes out, then your right, all too fast to see. You aim atrepparttar 149896 hamper and let 'er fly. Perfect arc, no rim, dead center. You twirl around and duck intorepparttar 149897 bathroom. You made it!!!!!

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