Crystal wearing

Written by Theresa Jodray

Crystals will amplifyrepparttar entire energy field of ones body. If you wearrepparttar 122414 crystal over a particular part of your body it will focus more strongly in that particular area. The most recommended position is over ones heart. This may be accomplished by wearing a crystal pendant on a gold or silver chain from 18 to 22 inches in length.

Pointingrepparttar 122415 crystal up channels some ofrepparttar 122416 energy intorepparttar 122417 upper chakras, this may stimulate some and cause others to be out of their bodies, very “spacey.” Wearingrepparttar 122418 crystal pointing downward there is a slight grounding effect as energy is directed toward to lower body. This hasrepparttar 122419 tendency to bring people back into their bodies. It is recommended most people should wear points down to keep better grounded and more in tuned withrepparttar 122420 world. Though one should wearrepparttar 122421 crystal pointing up when praying or meditating, studying and taking tests. The rest ofrepparttar 122422 time it is good to point them down.

Transforming through Sound

Written by Theresa Jodray

Through music and word isrepparttar ability to use sound, music and voice to affect changes in others and in oneself. Most every society has had teachings which usually fell torepparttar 122413 individuals schooled inrepparttar 122414 natural or spiritual laws ofrepparttar 122415 universe. These ancient traditions ofrepparttar 122416 word are not lost. It involves one opening up to heal and be healed throughrepparttar 122417 magic of music and sound.

Take for instancerepparttar 122418 humming sound. It carries sound internally and can be a powerful tool. Establishing a rapport between our spiritual aspects and our emotional, mental and physical aspects bringing them into harmony with each other. The power ofrepparttar 122419 mantra can be felt in humming “Om”, it actually performs a micro-massage uponrepparttar 122420 internal organs, releasing stress and restoring balance creating sympathy, harmony and poise.

Music and singing awakens ones creativity. Singing release’s stress while listening can stimulate movement and thought. Learn to play with your voice and with your singing you may recapture joy and balance inrepparttar 122421 process. Singing is a way of cleansingrepparttar 122422 Etheric body, strengtheningrepparttar 122423 flow of energy intorepparttar 122424 physical body. The Gregorian chants that we know today are still powerful tools of consciousness inspiring awe. They are quite cleansing to any negative environment.

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