Cruise Panama: From the Big Blue Sea

Written by Adam Lenk

The workings ofrepparttar Panama Canal are a sight to behold whether or not you're a history buff or mechanically inclined. The Panama Canal was completed in 1914, atrepparttar 144597 cost of 30,000 people's lives and funding from two nations.

Today, most ofrepparttar 144598 original innovations and machinery is still utilized. However, there's no better way to tourrepparttar 144599 canal than in a firsthand experience through its passage.

Touringrepparttar 144600 Panama Canal by cruise ship makes for an amazing vacation and a historical adventure. It takes about eight hours to makerepparttar 144601 passage through three locks, which raiserepparttar 144602 ship solely through gravity throughrepparttar 144603 manmade canal over Central America. Head forrepparttar 144604 deck to watch your ship line up inrepparttar 144605 morning to pass throughrepparttar 144606 canal. A canal historian aboardrepparttar 144607 ship will serve as your guide and provide a running commentary of interesting details and fascinating facts aboutrepparttar 144608 Panama Canal's construction and operational history.

The best part of about cruisingrepparttar 144609 Panama Canal is that you not only take in Panama's ports like Colon, Cristobal, Isla San Telmo, or Isla de Coiba andrepparttar 144610 Canal's amazing views but that these tours usually include several stops at glorious in-route ports of call, which may include Mexico's Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, or Acapulco,repparttar 144611 Cayman Islands, Costa Rica's Limon, Caldera, or Guanacaste, and even Jamaica's Montego Bay. Announces the Top Ten Most Searched States for Hotel Discounts in 2005

Written by Jackie Moniot

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Recent data showsrepparttar 144492 top ten states that have been searchedrepparttar 144493 most by online travelers to date are Florida, California, Massachusetts, New York, Texas, Virginia, Tennessee, Nevada, North and South Carolina, in consecutive order. It appears that so far this year, mostly coastal states are what online travelers have been searching for.

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